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UPCOMING FUNDRAISER! INDY AREA FOLKS- PLEASE ATTEND!  Save and print the picture below and bring it with you to TGI Friday's on July 26 and 10% of your food purchase will be donated to LLS! Print it out and share one side of the flyer with a friend! Help spread the word! Save the date!

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Have you heard of Team In Training?  I admit that I've seen posters and brochures in restaurants but never paid much attention.  As I've grown into this runner (still so weird to say that about myself), I've become more aware of Team In Training as I run various events and see those purple shirts around me. 

A few weeks ago, there was a local Groupon to join Team In Training for $25 (compared to the normal registration of $100).  I bought the Groupon, attended an informational meeting, and signed up to join the Team.

My event?  The Indianapolis Half Marathon on October 15.

My goal?  To raise over $1,000 to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

I have to admit that my life has not been profoundly imapcted by cancer.  There's always the chance that it will- the odds are good, in fact.  My father-in-law had cancer when I first met Jeff.  I had a boss in a college internship that I heard had breast cancer a couple of years after I'd graduated and moved on.  One of my closest friends lost her mother to cancer.  I've shared about my experience with a local mom who died from what started as breast cancer.  I've had family members and friends who have died form cancer but it's all been people who are somewhat extended from me. 

So why do Team in Training?  What's the personal investment for me?  I'm doing it... for my kids.  How awesome would it be if they grew up and cancer wasn't such a scary or common word anymore?  I'm doing it for any parent who has fought the battle- some winning, some losing.  I'm doing it for their friends and family who have supported them, fought with them, and mourned them. 

Funds donated in support of my efforts with Team In Training go to LLS.  LLS uses donated funds for cancer research, as most groups do.  What I also love is that LLS uses those funds to provide some really awesome support and help for blood cancer patients.  LLS donations might help pay for someone's treatment.  LLS donations might help fund a program that matches a newly diagnosed patient with a mentor who has fought and survived the battle.

I've offered up a deal to those interested in donating- I want to honor the people and businesses who choose to support me.  I've set up donation levels and advertising on my blog- and I am flexible, willing to negotiate, and open to ideas.

$25 - Ad space on the Team In Training page on my blog.
$50 - Ad space on the TnT page on my blog and 5 mentions on Facebook/Twitter in the upcoming month.
$100 - Ad space on my TnT page on my blog, 5 mentions on Facebook/Twitter in the coming month, and an ad on the main page of Eternal Lizdom for 1 month.
$200 - All of the above and I'll write a blog entry about you, your company, your service, your blog, whatever.

I want to have all my required funds raised by the end of July.  That way, I can really focus on my training because the fundraising will be taken care of.  You don't have to make a big donation right now- but you're welcome to if you feel so moved.  Maybe you want to make a few smaller donations in the next month or two.  That is totally appreciated and means you will get a thank you note from me every time you donate!

Please consider making a donation- being a sponsor and supporter of my training, my efforts, and the important work that LLS does.

THANK YOU TO MY SPONSORS!  Please support these people and businesses!

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