Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fighting Back (Still)

Before Christmas, I had to face the very real fact that I was dealing with moderate depression.  And I needed to either get my life on track or I needed to get medicinal help in pulling back up to normal.

Instead of going to drugs first, I knew I had to take control of some areas of life that had gotten out of hand - primarily my health.  I was using food as my drug.  And lack of energy was a major symptom.

So I started focusing on what I was eating.  I started seeking daily activity.

It hasn't been easy.  It's been better.

I go for my 3 month check in with my doctor this week.  I still don't think I need medication for depression but I think I need something more to get me on track with diet and exercise.

I have a lot of knowledge.  I know what I need to do.  I know the right and best way to do it.

But something still drives me towards my weaknesses.

I have real issues finding time to exercise.  I don't feel like I am just making excuses.  Finding time in our very busy schedules is a Big Challenge.

But my eating... I've got some serious food issues, I think.  Food has a lot of control over me.

Next steps - continue to focus on improving my diet and continue to seek time to be active.



noexcuses said...

I so understand your pain. I think you have made a good start. Never give up hope.

Lynn Freeman said...

Liz....I will admit I haven't been following you daily like I used to, but when I saw your name and "depression" I tweaked. I had no idea. Your courage in writing about this is wonderful :) As to the food/exercise/mood/depression ratio - you are DEFINITELY on the right track. What we eat and how we live and how active - these are direct correlations to how we feel about ourselves and life in general. And if there is some underlying issues of depression, it's like a big mountain that keeps getting bigger on top of it. Take control of what you can (you CAN control your food and your exercise...maybe with help...but those things are definitely within your realm of control). And seek the help where you can't control (don't be afraid to medicate when you feel that you can cope no longer on your own). It may be only for a temporary period of time, or it may be for your lifetime. But the consequences of not recognizing the signs and dealing with it are so much more worse. Take care...love you :)

Alison said...

You have all my sympathy, Liz. I'm right there with you. After Miss Chef's mother passed, all our routines went out the window, and I haven't been able to get back to semi-healthy eating since. (I type this with a triple-chocolate cupcake at my elbow!!!)

I did read somewhere something I found very true--the difficulty with depression is that you can't fix it yourself (or it wouldn't be depression!), but it's very difficult for someone else to fix it from "outside." I know exercise has helped me in the past; is there any way you can use Jeff as a source of external motivation? Ask him to sit down with you and figure out one or two days a week you can plan a run or something, and then keep you honest about doing it?

Laurie Matherne said...

I take a very low dose of an antidepressant, but I am still struggling with depression and anxiety. Like you said, lifestyle changes are part of the solution. I need to eat better, and exercise more. Thanks for the honest post.

Karen Peterson said...

I get what you mean. I did have to resort to medicinal help, but I know I need to get my food under control. I'm working on it, but it will always be a struggle for me.