Thursday, May 8, 2014

Opening Day at the Market

It's still very early in the season so we didn't expect a lot of produce.  But we did expect more of the vendors to be there!  We were disappointed that our favorite regulars weren't there for opening day - like the cake ball lady and the honey lady.  And we had been excited for some of the new vendors like the pierogis but they were no shows this week.

But we made the best of it and enjoyed our morning, anyway!

Look at these beautiful colors!  Gallagher Farms is always a favorite stop!


One of our favorite snacks - Grandpa's Beef Jerky.  Jeff likes the red pepper, Zach likes the BBQ, and I like the Cherry Chili and the Jalapeno.  So yummy and all homemade!

One of our favorite treats- the Walking Waffle!  It has pearl sugar baked in so no need for syrup!

Indy Morsel is a new venture at the Market this year.  They were giving out samples of popcorn - that had been popped in bacon grease!  HEAVEN.  Indy Morsel is a meal service - you order the week before and then pick up at the Market on Saturday morning.  I'm eager to try it out!

Our favorite - Mathoo's Eggrolls!!

Zach picked out the blooms from Bliss Haven for Mommy.  But then wanted it for himself so they are now in his room on his dresser.  With those eyes... how can I complain?
I am eager to watch the market grow in the next few weeks as more of the regulars return and the newbies show their wares!

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Katherine said...

I didn't make it to our farmer's market opening weekend last weekend, but I'm heading this weekend. I'm expecting it to be a little slow (especially with all the cool weather we've had). I'm really hoping to snag some rhubarb for some crumble this weekend.

Garret Atherton said...

Suddenly, I'm hungry...

Alison said...

It seems way too early in the season for those tomatoes and zucchinis to be local. We don't even have hothouse tomatoes down here yet.

I could eat the heck out of one of those fact, I think I'll go have a waffle for breakfast right now. It'll need syrup, though!