Friday, January 30, 2015

Kidz Bop 27

I received a free copy of the CD Kidz Bop 27 for review. However, all opinions and thoughts are completely my own!

We've been fans of Kidz Bop for a while... I have to admit that I didn't want to be. I was a bit put off by the whole idea of cleaned up lyrics and super-peppy-poppy sounding covers of current music.

But having kids... and hearing actual lyrics of songs through the ears of my children makes me very much appreciate the Kidz Bop franchise. Teagan wants to know popular music. And I support some of the artists she likes. She's a fan of some Disney groups like R5 and Bridgit Mendler. She's a fan of Taylor Swift. She's a fan of Jamie Grace (contemporary Christian artist). My kids both like Katy Perry... but not all of Katy Perry is kid friendly.

I want my kids to have a love of music. And I'll be honest and say that I recognize that knowing popular music is important to kids.

Kidz Bop lets my kids know the "in" songs but not be exposed to the overly sexual lyrics.

Kidz Bop 27 covers these songs:

Shake It Off
All About That Bass
Boom Clap
Am I Wrong?
Really Don't Care
Break Free
Cool Kids
Rather Be
Say Something

Keep in mind - I listen to Kidz Bop for and with my kids. There are some songs that I've finally been able to catch on to what the song is about because of the clearer vocals.  I will admit that there are some songs I wish they'd chosen to skip (honestly, I can hardly stand to listen to their cover of Say Something because I love the original so much).

If you want to be entertained, play the current Kidz Bop edition for a group of teens. They find it to be a riot to hear the cleaned up versions!

Pick up Kidz Bop 27. If you've never gone down the Kidz Bop road before... give it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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