Friday, September 13, 2013

St. Lawrence Fall Festival

Church festivals are the norm in Cincinnati and when I moved to Indy, I noticed that it didn't seem to be as much of a "thing."

And then I heard about St. Lawrence Fall Festival!

Food, casino games, beer tent, fun for the kids, live entertainment, rides.

It's the best way to say goodbye to summer!  And hello to fall!

It's a last chance for a pork tenderloin sandwich, roasted corn, and a lemon shake up.

It's time for family fun in the bounce house and playing games in the kid tent.

It's a ride on the ferris wheel.

It's time together, laughing, having fun, getting tired and full.  Enjoying the weather as it shifts from the heat of summer to the chill of fall.

It's being part of the community.

The St Lawrence Fall Festival starts tonight and ends Sunday.  Admission, parking and live entertainment are free - you pay for rides and food and such.  Saint Lawrence is located at Shadeland and 46th St.  You can check out details and pictures and such on the Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Have you been to the Saint Lawrence Fall Festival?  Tell me your favorite memory!  Did you grow up attending church and school festivals like this one?  Tell me about it!


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