Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Need All Smartness Vibes

I'm sure I've got many readers who also read Pioneer Woman. And maybe you saw where I won a SmartyPants quiz once before and won a handy dandy $50 Amazon gift card. The pressure is on. Big time. P-Dub has been doing these marathon, rapid fire type quizzes to qualify her readers for a Big Quiz- taking place tonight. I won a spot in the quiz. Check it out... I'm a bit nervous. I have no idea what it will be like. The questions will most likely be hard and beyond my smartness. I'll have Jeff helping me and Google at my fingertips. Christy on the side, perhaps? But I need lots of smart vibes coming my way, ok??


Alix said...

Good news Liz!!! You're already a bazillion times smarter than me because I totally don't know what you're even, talking about. Guess I'd better click some links and do my homework!

Good luck Liz. Win it for the girls (and Garret).

Jim and Garret said...

Good news Liz!!! You're smarter than me cause all I can do is copy Alix. Now should I stuff with Kleenex or use balloons?

No pressure Liz. If you lose, all your readers have decided to go elsewhere. No pressure.

Anonymous said...

lots of smart vibes coming your way!

Nancy said...

Go Liz Go!!

Strange Mamma said...

*fingers waggling, forehead scrunched, strange keening noise emanating*

Trying my best to send you smartness vibes. (not sure if you want mine though, they're a bit rusty these days)

And on another note, can I just say I love the font of your post titles. I don't know why, it just gives me joy every time I see it. Right. Back to scrunching my forehead at you.

Flartus said...

I feel like all my smarts are withered right whatever I have, I will vibe to you. Because obviously, I'm doing ok without them for the moment! Maybe you can reconstitute them or something.

I'll take 'em back as I fly over Indy tomorrow morning. Good luck!