Friday, August 21, 2009

Colby Controversy Creates Chaos

Here's the deal on this cheese debacle... I sent an e-mail to the reporter on the ground at the State Fair, Dan McFeely. He's been blogging his experiences and Fair finds for our local paper (Indianapolis Star). His blog is Deep Fried. And you can see the Cheese story there right now... I sent him an e-mail, explaining what had happened. In addition, one of the heads of my local moms' community sent him a link to the thread that was started about it. He took it all and ran with it. A new thread was started to discuss his findings.

I'm having a blast with this big Cheese Controversy, by the way. And I hope people realize that I'm having fun with it. At best, this will encourage people to hit the Dairy Bar at the Fair so they can see this mysteriously orange-y, yellow version of gouda.

In all seriousness... After reading Dan's findings and his discussion with the person from the cheesemaker (Swissland), I did a little searching for this cheesemaker. I visited their website. Guess what cheese isn't listed anywhere in their online store? Feta? Present? Mozzarella? Present! A mix of cheddar and bleu? Present! GOUDA? Nowhere!!! I'm telling you... Colby is trying to take over the world and it is starting with our beloved Indiana State Fair. I think Colby is going to work its way through all the state until it comes to the greatest battle- Wisconsin. We can't let Colby win! We have to put our collective foot down and stand up for the rights of a pale-yellow, creamy cheese like Gouda! Fellow cheese lovers!!! Who is with me?? (Or has Colby already infested your cheese sensors?? Is this problem more widespread than I'd realized??)

Just to be clear...


Krista Cox said...


I'm from Wisconsin. I love all cheese (including Colby). I honestly can't imagine ANYBODY mistaking the taste of Colby for the taste of Gouda...nor the texture. If you say it wasn't Gouda, and you know your Gouda, that's Gouda-nough for me. (Haha, see what I did there??)

Garret said...

I say take a sandwich home. When at home, make a grilled cheese out of gouda and one of colby. Compare.

You can always cut each sandwich in quarters and mix and match for a lunch with 3 people.

Teacher Tom said...

When we lived in Germany we used to get this incredible aged gouda (25 years!). It was so good that you didn't want to ruin it with bread or crackers. It did kind of have the texture of colby, although there were little crunchy bits and it would make me feel like . . .

. . . what were we talking about?

Mary Ellen said...

I really enjoy a good cheese debate. I'm a fan. Of debate AND cheese.

Anonymous said...


I've been loving your whole "Fair" series, it's cracking me up. You really do love the fair, don't you?