Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is my "to be read" bookshelf. I had the delight of ordering a bajillion books from Amazon with that gift card I won from Pioneer Woman. And everything has arrived! Here's what is on the shelf: The Southern Vampire series- first 7 books. I love "True Blood" on HBO (haven't watched any of season 2 yet, though) and I've heard great things about the books so I took a risk and bought the set! The Life of Pi- There is a mom friend I've made at church and she selected this book for our book club. I don't attend the book club but most of our music team does so I kept hearing about it. This particular mom is someone I really like... so I decided I'd go ahead and read it because she was so passionate about it. I kept hearing negative things from other people who didn't seem to "get it" and that makes me want to read it even more! The Shack- I loaned out my copy to someone and Mrs4444 sent me a copy with my bag-o-swag that I won. I love, love, love this book. I'm eager to read it again- slower this time. Couldn't hardly put it down the first time! Dr. Sears' The Discipline Book- This was very inspiring when Teagan was around Zach's age. I'd borrowed it from the library and kept meaning to buy it to have as a reference. So now I own it! The Time Traveler's Wife- I'd been hearing about this book prior to the movie. And I have to admit that the ads for the movie reminded me that I wanted to read it. So here it is! The Help- Read about it on Amazon while shopping around and it sounds really good. ** I have to admit that I am currently doing something I rarely do. I'm reading 2 books. One is more serious and is my bedtime book. I mentioned Rage Against the Meshugenah (by Danny Evans) earlier this week and promised I'd fill you in on my thoughts. I am not even halfway through the book... but I recommend that anyone who has dealt with, fought through, or is currently suffering depression to read this book. Danny gives words to the feelings, the weight, the frustration. Oodles of "adult" language- you've been warned. But he's so real and brutally honest about so much. And as much as I admire him for it, I really want to hear from Sharon (his wife). I think she may be a personal hero of mine now. I was going to try and find a favorite passage to share with you... but I can't pick one! So much is hilariously funny (I enjoyed greatly a paragraph where he describes his love of fast food) and also grippingly real and then so tender (the virtual ice bath that kept him alive, for example). ** And then there is my bathroom book. It's something I can pick up and read 2 pages of and it doesn't matter much if I retain any of it when I pick it up again. I carry it around the house sometimes but it mostly stay on the bathroom counter. It's far more entertaining than I had thought it would be... it's not well written and it's not as "exciting" as I thought it would be.
I have to admit that I was a Tori hater back in the day. But I was a huge fan of 90210. And Tori grew on me as her character, Donna, developed. And then I got hooked on many of her TV movies- still love to see her when Lifetime airs them. My personal fave is the cheerleader one with Kellie martin, I think. And the events of her life over the past few years and her little reality shows with Dean... well, I've become something of a fan, I have to admit.
Anyway... Stori Telling by Tori Spelling is a fun little fluffy book. If you were ever a fan of hers- either from 90210 or TV movies or So NoTorious or Inn Love or whatever- it's an easy read. It's totally in her voice- I can literally hear her saying the words on the page as I read.
So there you have it. My current reading status and my list of what I will be reading!


Joanie M said...

We have some of the same books on our shelves. Dani had to read Life of Pi for school last year, so that's on my shelf. I've had Time Traveller's Wife for several years and still haven't read it.

I picked up The Shack and put it back several times last week when we were in Barnes and Noble. I may still get it one day. I probably h ave 30 books on my to be read shelf (actually it's a cabinet in my armoir)

Right now I'm reading Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner (I love her!) and Robots of Dawn by Isaac Asimov (groan... I promised John I'd read the trilogy and this is the third book... been reading it for several months).

Call Me Cate said...

I've yet to read Life of Pi but it's on my list. The only one on your shelf I've read is Time Traveler's Wife - I'm one of the few who was not a fan.

I have a similar shelf. I need to get to work on it.

Strange Mamma said...

I'm going to have to see if I can find Dr. Sears on this side of the pond. I have not been impressed by the onset of tantrums. They're usually shortlived because Little Man can sign and I can ask him what he wants and cut it short. But his behaviour in shops lately has been very frustrating and very loud. I need to start being more proactive with him.

Dawn said...

The Help is SO good!!! One of those books that will stick with ya long after you put it back on the bookshelf! Absolutely loved it.

yodaobi said...

I tried to find Rage Against the Meshugenah in the library... Looks like it's not in ANY library in New Zealand. Might buy it on Amazon. Looks pretty great.