Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Not only did I fall behind on blogging, I fell behind on my daily sharing of what I am thankful for each day.  That list off to the side hasn't been updated since Nov 15!  So I'm going to amend that here on my blog instead of posting an obnoxiously long update on Facebook.  The beauty of having a blog!

Nov 16 - That was last Wednesday.  My thankfulness for that week was found that evening when I practiced with Pastor Jennifer and the kids at church for the upcoming Christmas Program.  I love working with these kids and sharing music and entertainment with them- I appreciate that I have talents to share with these kids that can inspire them to use their talents for God, too!

Nov 17 - Another church related gratitude.  My involvement with my Praise Team is so important to me.  Getting involved there has changed my relationship with my church and brought me into a niche, a fold, a family within my church family.  Gotta give mad props to Ashli, Jennifer, Victoria, Jill, Lucy, Randy, Ed, Rich, Jonathon, Tim, Seth and others who are part of that experience!

Nov 18 - Home. I'm thankful for the house we live in and that we have made it into our home.  Yes, it's messy, needs updating, needs renovation.  But it's ours and it's a secure place for us.

Nov 19 - Prayer.  We had a prayer service at church.  A little music and about 45 minutes of focused, quiet prayer time.  Silence for 45 minutes (well, quiet music in the background).  Every mom in our congregation should have been there- 45 golden, precious moments of no talking.  It was wonderful and went by so quickly! Seriously- the prayer time was valuable to me and I found some comfort and answers in the Bible as I led to it through my prayers.  It was a great experience.

Nov 20 - TV.  It sounds silly and superficial, I know.  Materialistic.  And it is- it's a guilty pleasure.  I'd love to go on about the value of being so fully informed and the availability of information and so on.  But truly... I'm all about the teen angst and zombies and adventures leading up to meeting your mother and a not old fashioned family.

Nov 21 - Fun coffee beverages.  I'm not just talking about the holiday favorites that come out at national and local coffee houses or even about the special holiday flavors of my favorite coffee creamers.  I'm also talking about the make-your-own kind.  at work, half a cup of coffee with half a cup of hot chocolate and a melty peppermint.... mmmmmm...

Nov 22 - Little Explorers Preschool.  I'm sad to think of the day we are no longer part of this sepcial school family and the annual events like last night's Thanksgiving Feast.  Zach was excited to go to school yesterday once he remembered he would be helping to cook the meal for that night!  The attention he gets, the way the teachers and staff know my kids so, so well... the way my kids are loved (even Teagan who is no longer a student there)... it's special and so important to our family.



Life with Kaishon said...

Beautiful post. We have so many things to be thankful for every single day, don't we?
I love that you take time to remember and be thankful : )
PS I am so thankful for tv too. Not really the zombies, but I can not get enough of those FAKE Real Housewives....I could watch them all day!

Karen Peterson said...

Those are some wonderful things to be grateful for. It's nice to list out all of our blessings like this because it's a good way to remember them for what they are.