Monday, December 5, 2011


I am such a slacker right now.

Not in general.  Just in blogging.  I miss being here.  I miss writing.  I miss having a life that felt balanced.  I was busy but I was managing just fine.

My weekend was busy.  Crazy busy.  Good stuff busy.  But no time to rest- which is the purpose of a weekend.

Friday night, I went to The Belfry (local community theatre) to see a show that Christy is in.  I enjoyed the show and really enjoyed seeing so many of my old theatre friends.  A friend in the cast was hosting that night's cast party so I was bale to crash and hang out with people.  I got home around 1:30.  Yikes!

Saturday, Christy came and picked me and Teagan up and we grabbed some breakfast and hit the road to drive about 40 minutes away to Plainfield High School for the annual Gingerbread Christmas craft show that we were introduced to last year.  It was fantastic and Teagan was an enjoyable addition to our trek.  In fact, we've decided it will be a tradition from now on that the three of us go to this event together and have lunch at the Black Swan Brewpub afterwards.

We were wiped out after that adventure.  Came home for a little down time- which involved a lot of doing stuff at home- and I was out for the evening again.  This time, sushi with a group of mom friends.  I had a fantastic evening!  Laughter, good news, good food.

Sunday- out the door at 8:40 to get to church on time.  Sing at first service, choir between services, sing at second service, luncheon at church to hear stories of the work done by our mission teams in Guatemala this past fall, home to unearth the totes of Christmas decorations so I can grab some ornaments to take to the ornament exchange party that's a fundraiser for our Women of Faith group that I'm co-leading.  Off to the party where I laugh and enjoy the company of some of my favorite women.

Then it's off to pick up the family, dinner, grocery store, home in time for the kids to go to bed, then downstairs to start the 2 AM Podcast live airing at 8.  We end up talking until about 9:30 and then hang out a bit after.

So at 10:00 on Sunday, I sat down on the couch and put my feet up and turned on Desperate Housewives and realized it was the first time I'd vegged out that weekend.  So I stayed there for about 30 minutes before heading to bed.

And somehow, in all that chaos, I couldn't find time to blog.

See?  Slacker.



Alison said...

lol, more like anti-slacker! Phew, sounds like the holidays are in full swing at your place. Hope you have a few days off scheduled in there somewhere.

Unknown said...

slacker...not! I do not see any "slacker" in any of that. You had awesome opportunities with several groups of friends and your family. You even got to sing with me :) In all honesty, I think you are holding up great, but don't forget to give yourself more than 30 minutes downtime tonight...there will always be something else to do tomorrow :) Hang in there...

Nancy said...

And you got to have sushi (and wine) with me! I agree with Ashli, you need a little more time to put your feet up and just relax!

I am glad that you had a fun weekend, it was awesome spending time with you!

Unknown said...

It's time for some you time.