Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oct 23, 2007

Prior to blogging, I kept a message board to keep up with friends and family through pregnancy and mommyhood.  I'm working on bringing those posts to this blog. 

Zachary Robert 10-23-07 at 12:13 p.m. 9 lbs., 9 oz., 22.5 inches long 

We are still at the hospital- will be until tomorrow. Labor, from the time water broke to delivery, was about 16 hours.

Had a HORRIBLE epidural experience. Was still glad I had it- especially with my giant baby- but it took 7 tries to get it in (the weight of my baby has caused my spine to curve and the doc hit bone 5 times, a vein the 6th time, and got it right the 7th).

Birth was waaaaaay harder than it was with Teagan. And I found that I had less of that instant bond with him. I loved him and was thrilled and so on... but felt like I needed a bit of time to recover from the pushing experience before I could focus on him.

He's nursing like a champ! He nurses every 2-3 hours and will go 15-20 mins on a side. Latch is great- and causing huge cramping in my uterus. Which is good but really hurts like a SOB!!

Teagan came and met her brother today and it was an amazing experience for me. She is THRILLED to be a big sis!!!

Have had a great hospital experience. The nurses have been amazing. And this was funny- took this little survey through their computer system and answered one question that I had some equipemnt not working in my room (my shower SUCKED because of a crappy shower head this morning). They had a maintenance guy in my room within an hour and he replaced the shower head!!! 

We are doing well and appreciate all the well wishes!

Oct 26, 2007 - We are home!

And doing great!

I was hugely frustrated at the hospital- it took forever for them to discharge us. I was actually crying (darn hormones) because I just missed Teagan so much. Anyway, we finally got home around 3... 

Teagan was SO EXCITED to see us and to have her baby brudder home. She pronounces his name like "Zappy" so that's what I've started calling him. 

If Zach starts crying, she wants me to fix him right away- "Oh no! My baby's crying!" Then will demand that Mommy pick him up or take him from whoever is holding him. 

He slept really well last night. Nursed around 8:30 and fell asleep. I had to wak ehim to nurse at 12:30!! I had gone to bed around 9:30. He and I stayed up till about 1:30 and then back to bed. Up again at 4 and would have been back in bed but T woke up at 5. Ugh. So the 3 of us snuggled up on the couch and watched Mickey Mouse and then Little Einsteins- and Z and I snoozed a bit until 6. Everyone else was up by 7. Z and I went back to sleep until 8:30. And here we are!

So- not bad at all!! And T is just as happy with him today as she was yesterday. Jeff has to back off on his concern over T hurting Z- she goes to kiss him or stroke him and Jeff about freaks. But he'll get over it- I'll make him. :)

Mom and T are about to head out to the store. Jeff has to run into work really quick. So Z and I will have some chill out time here at home together. 

He's nursing like a pro. Milk came in before we left the hospital. Dealing with engorgement and cracked nipples. But the lactation consultant checked his latch and it's a good one. My boobs just have to get used to nursing again! Lansinoh and gel pads are my "breast" friend. T loves to "put Lansinoh" on her chest, too.

I am just so happy to be home!!