Thursday, August 31, 2017

4 More Months

At the start of 2017, I created a list of goals for the year. I last updated in April and figured it was time to update again - partially to hold myself accountable in the last 4 months of the year.

Stars show done or in process. Arrows are areas I need to get started or maybe drop.

A night away with Jeff - we did do a church retreat. But I'd still like to find a romantic getaway weekend.

Weekend for me (yellow arrow) - I have made zero effort on this one. Sigh. Although, I am doing an overnight with a friend prior to doing a 5K together so maybe I can halfway count that?

Family vacation - Smokey Mountains in the spring, weekend at Kingdom Kentucky over the summer.

Explore different faiths - I've done a little and plan to attend the Indy Festival of Faiths this fall.

Quiet time in nature - I've sat and prayed outside several times, usually at my church which has natural habitat areas.

Active time in nature - haven't even made it to the local nature preserve for a walk. I am going to at least make that happen.

Black Belt - This one moves to 2018. Teagan has earned her Black Belt. She started a few months before the rest of us. But Jeff, Zach and I will be testing next year.

Prayer and reflection - ongoing.

Pray regularly - I haven't made this one happen, either.

Focus my passion - this might take longer than 1 year. But I feel more content in recognizing my passions than I did when the year started.

Exercise - tae kwon do continues. Trying to increase my daily steps. Boxing with a friend sometimes. Still would love to do zumba regularly.

Yoga - Another one that I just need to make happen.

Date nights - Another one that needs to be made a priority

5K - I am signed up for 1 in Sept and 1 in Oct!

Ride my bike - I don't think this one will happen in 2017, sadly.

Free hugs (3x) - I've done free hugs twice this year. At the Women's March and at Indy Pride (in the parade)

Read 12 books - done! And still going! Currently reading Hillbilly Elegy. Beartown and Waking Up White are next on the list.

Journal - ongoing. Recently my journaling has been poetry!

Time with friends - ongoing.

Chores - we had a great system over the summer. Struggling to keep it up in the school year.

Love others - yep. This is happening.

Labyrinth - check. Walked the labyrinth at church after a friend died.

Wear my Fitbit - check.