Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov 12, 2007

Prior to blogging, I kept a message board to keep up with friends and family through pregnancy and mommyhood.  I'm working on bringing those posts to this blog. 

This baby can eat- and he is growing to prove it! We weighed him at home today- about 12 pounds and he isn't even 3 weeks old!

He is still sleeping pretty well. Generally konks out right after our dinner time. I get him to wake up with a diaper change after T is asleep and then he nurses and goes back to sleep for 3-4 hours.

I think we are on the verge of getting thrush. I see a couple of white dots in his mouth. I have some redness and pain when he nurses. So- I'm starting with home methods first. Yogurt daily- preferably 2 servings per day (need to go stock up on yogurt). Gonna start taking acidopholus. Will wash my camis in vinegar. Will sterilize his pacifiers each day (even though he rarely uses them). Try to get some sunlight on my nipples.

Zach's cord came off. So now he can really get bathed. He isn't a fan of the bath (neither was Teagan) so he had his first shower a few days ago! No tears, no whimpers. I'd say he enojyed showering with Mommy and then the dry off, cuddle time with Daddy!

He also had his first smile. It was an awake and alert smile and it sure seemed to be in reaction to his big sister talking and singing to him. 

And the diaper rash seems to be in control now. Original Desitin does the trick. That stuff smells horrible but it works!

Teagan continues to amaze me with her sister-skills.

Yesterday, Sassy got in BIG trouble because she got a little over excited playing ball. She jumped over my knee and landed on Zach. He got scared and started crying. No injuries. But Sassy wound up in "time out" for the afternoon (had to stay outside). I picked up Zach as soon as it happened and was holding him close and shushing and saying "it's okay." Teagan came over and put her arms around us, kissed him and shushed and okay'ed, too. Once he settled down and I laid him down again, she went and laid next to him and stroked his cheek and talked through the incident with him! "Did Sassy jump on you? Did that scare you? You're okay! It's okay! Sassy's in time out now. You're okay baby brother!" Talk about melting a mom's heart!!

Teagan's imagination is taking off. She is so creative! She took a blanket and wrapped it around her lower half to be a mermaid. She wore this canvas box thing on her head to be a robot. She is constantly cooking in her kitchen, having pretend phone conversations, and has recently started talking to an invisible friend- Paolo. She tells us when he is sleeping and she talks to him and about him.