Friday, September 14, 2007

Potty Trained

Prior to blogging, I kept a message board to keep up with friends and family through pregnancy and mommyhood.  I'm working on bringing those posts to this blog. 


This is really thanks to Grandma. Teagan was doing well for me and for Lisa (daycare). But it was 2 days with Grandma that produced magic. Grandma had her in underwear for the day on Thurs. A handful of accidents. But as of yesterday, we are in underwear full time- even at night! And she woke up dry for her nap and this morning and didn't even wake up to potty last night! She even took a road trip with me and Grandma to Chicago on Sat and stayed dry in her pull up there and back- and told us when she had to potty so we could stop for her.

I am so proud of my baby girl!

A little sad too... no more baby diapers. But the pride and relief certainly overtakes the sadness!

We went to Chicago on Sat to visit my grandparents. I'll have pics to post later in the week. We took Grandma and Grandpa out to lunch. Then stayed at their apartment for a bit while Teagan played on the outside porch- my grandma loved watching her blow bubbles. And Teagan had a great time playing ball with everyone in the living room. She would hand the ball to Great-Grandpa or Grandma and chase after it and throw it to me or my mom. Had dinner at my Aunt Liz and Uncle Chuck's house. Teagan loved that dinner! We had a stir fry that was made mostly with veggies from Liz and Chuck's garden- delicious!!

Baby is continuing to grow and kick. Still seems more laid back in reagrds to movement. Definitely sitting lower than Teagan ever did. Lots of aches and pains still. Yesterday, our air conditioner wouldn't keep up with the heat and blazing sun so our house was pretty warm... and I was pretty miserable. Not looking forward to August...


Sept 14, 2007

Prior to blogging, I kept a message board to keep up with friends and family through pregnancy and mommyhood.  I'm working on bringing those posts to this blog. 

Jeff has been out of town for work this week so Teagan and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. 

My favorite part of the week has been figuring out how to get a good night's sleep. T has been wakin gup a few times each night. We finally have a good plan in place. When she wakes, it is usually because she has to potty. Depening on what time she wakes, sometimes she is "awake" after pottying and sometimes she is falling asleep on the toilet. If she will easily sleep again, she goes back to her bed. Otherwise, she comes to bed with me until we have to get up to start our day. 

This morning, she woke at 5 (not bad) and we did the potty thing and headed to my bed. The thing tha tmade this morning special and different was the cuddles. She wanted to be held and she wanted her arms around my neck. We lay together, wrapped up in each other, dozing off and on, for a good half hour. 

I never fell back asleep because I wanted to memorize every single moment. Jeff is back tonight so he will be in the bed tomorrow morning. And the baby will be here in a few weeks. This was one of the last times that I had Teagan totally and completely to myself. We were completely absorbed in each other.

I know I'm going to cherish this morning for a long, long time. I bet I bring it up when I toast her at gradutation or her wedding. It was one of those moments that you can't really find words for... that you want time to freeze for so it will last even longer...

But eventually the day had to begin.