Saturday, December 31, 2016


I've been mulling over the idea of summing up 2016, of coming up with a word to focus on in 2017, whether or not I should resolve to make any changes in the New Year.

2016 was an interesting year. At the start of the year, I had decided that my focus for the year would be to be more open to the ways people love me - to Be Loved. I'm not sure I focused on it well but I do know there was a lot of love in my life in 2016.

Teagan was in a musical at school. I saw The Force Awakens 4 or 5 times in theaters. We went to GeoFest at the Indiana State Museum. Teagan had strep throat. I had my first ever gel manicure. We took a dream trip to Disney World. I call it a dream trip because we stayed in a higher end resort and added on some special treats like a ferry cruise for fireworks and a dessert party for fireworks. American Ninja Warrior was taped on the Circle in downtown Indy - but we didn't go because filming happens overnight. We continued our advancements in tae kwon do - with a big achievement being that each of us can break a board with our bare hand! The kids finished 5th and 2nd grades and started 6th and 3rd.

Zach learned how to swim! Teagan marched in 2 parades with our tae kwon do school. As a family, we attended Cons and Rallies - both representing things that matter to us. Teagan and I got more involved with music at church - singing in special ensembles and both of us joining the handbell choir. We enjoyed several days at the Indiana State Fair before school started. Jeff had his knee scoped due to a meniscus tear. Liz had IT band issues and went through some physical therapy. This delayed our progress in TKD for about a month or so.

Teagan ran cross country. Jeff got involved with the junior high youth group at our church. Our whole family got involved with a ministry in our church to help house families who are striving to get out of homelessness. There was a really, really ugly presidential election with results that were shocking to many. I had a very brief health issue with my heart. Zach and some friends started a club to "build up" people in their school and community.

It was a year of loss for a lot of people in my circles. Death, job loss, serious health problems, ending relationships.

Instead of a focus word or a resolution, I want to make a list of things I want to do in the coming year. Some of them are things I already do but want to keep a priority. And some are new things I haven't ever done. And the list will change, I think.

1. Spend a night away from my kids with my husband.
2. Spend a weekend away from my husband and kids.
3. Take a family vacation.
4. Learn more about other faiths like Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam.
5. Spend quiet time in nature.
6. Spend active time in nature.
7. Achieve Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
8. Find time for prayer and reflection.
9. Pray more.
10. Find a single passion and focus my efforts.
11. Commit to more exercise - daily walking or finding a group exercise thing (Zumba, etc).
12. Take a yoga class.
13. Plan regular (at least every 6 weeks) date nights with my husband.
14. Participate in at least 3 5K events.
15. Ride my bike.
16. Free Hug in at least 3 places / events.
17. Read / Listen to at least one book per month.
18. Journal
19. Make time with friends to stay connected or strengthen connections.
20. Get consistent about family chores.
21. Continue to love others in bigger ways.
22. Walk the labyrinth at my church quarterly as part of my prayer/meditation.
23. Wear my FitBit.

What are you wanting in 2017? What will you hold on to and what are you wanting to change?