Monday, June 21, 2021

Does Anyone Read Blogs Anymore?

A memory came up on Facebook of a blog post I wrote. 

In 2019.

I started online writing in 2007. Initially to keep far away loved ones connected as we started our family and our kids were growing. 

And I came to a full stop in 2019. 

I have kept up with other forms of social media - Facebook, Insta, Twitter, even TikTok.

Is there still a place for blogs? Do people still read blogs? 

I am approaching my 47th birthday. 
I strive daily to share love with people around me - in person and online. 
I've spent a lot of time recently processing my childhood trauma through a new lens. 
I am a work in progress of anti-racism, allyship, and being inclusive, accepting, and nurturing of all other people.
I continue to be a person of faith - and am watching as my faith forms and changes, just as I do.
I love Disney World and the mountains and a cabin in the woods.
I appreciate learning about and experiencing other cultures, especially through language and food.
I'm a mom, wife, sister, daughter, employee, church leader, dog lover, free hugger.
I believe in science.
I'm vaccinated. 

Is there a place in the "blogosphere" still? 

Until next time,