Thursday, April 20, 2017

The 2017 List - Q1 Complete

1. It's scheduled! But not as a romantic getaway like I envisioned. We are going on a spiritual retreat with other members of our church. Without kids. And it is overnight. So it does officially count, right?

2. No plan at this time.

3. Check. We went to the Smokey Mountains over spring break.

4. I have been learning about other cultures - thanks to a club at my 12 year old's school that I've been helping out with. But I need to focus my efforts on other faiths more seriously.

5. I have taken some time for quiet time in nature. It is so fulfilling and something I need to do more.

6. Still working this one out.

7. This one is feeling farther and farther away. But it's in progress.

8. In progress.

9. Need a plan to make this more consistent.

10. Figuring it out. Slowly. Maybe.

11. Tae kwon do is about it right now. I have gone to a zumba class twice in the last month.

12.  Nothing yet.

13. Making slow progress. We do have a night planned at end of June. And we did go out during vacation (my friend was on vacation with us and stayed with the kids).

14. Not. even. one. YET.

15. Have to pull it out now that the weather is changing!

16. 1 down, 2 to go.

17. Going really well! I'm not counting the book I read out loud to Zach for bedtimes - about a classroom hamster.
18. Check. I have been journaling.

19. Check.

20. Check. The system is in place. Getting the kids to do the daily chore is a challenge but I think that's just parenting.

21. Check back at end of year.

22. Need to do this. I am now wanting to maybe combine a weekend away for myself with a visit to New Harmony, IN where there are a couple of labyrinths to walk.

23. Check.

Progress is being made. There is still 3/4 of the year to go so plenty of time to get a plan in place and make things happen. Reviewing the list helps me stay accountable, helps me feel motivated to get on track or get something started.