Friday, December 1, 2017

2017 is Almost Gone

1 month left to achieve goals or to adjust them. Some things have to push into 2018. Nothing wrong with that. Some things will continue to need focus beyond a single year or achievement.

Smiley face - done.
Red X - not going to happen in 2017.
Pink heart - Can still accomplish or it is in process / adjusted.

A night away with Jeff - we did do a church retreat. We have not had time to find another weekend getaway. I'm starting to think it takes a year of planning to make it happen. At this point, if we could convince the kids to just spend the night with friends and we could be home alone together, I'd totally count it.

Weekend for me (yellow arrow) - I have made zero effort on this one. And it won't happen in December. So maybe in 2018...

Family vacation - Smokey Mountains in the spring, weekend at Kingdom Kentucky over the summer.

Explore different faiths - Teagan and I attended the Indy Festival of Faiths and very much enjoyed ourselves. We learned about wearing a hijab, wearing a turban, and much more.

Quiet time in nature - I've sat and prayed outside several times, usually at my church which has natural habitat areas.

Active time in nature - This one hasn't happened. I didn't make it a priority.

Black Belt - This one moves to 2018. Teagan has earned her Black Belt. She started a few months before the rest of us. But Jeff, Zach and I will be testing next year.

Prayer and reflection - ongoing.

Pray regularly - I haven't made this one happen, either. Interestingly, lately I've been feeling more and more like... I don't have words for it. But more of a calling to be close to God.

Focus my passion - this might take longer than 1 year. But I feel more content in recognizing my passions than I did when the year started. As we approach the end of the year, I will say that a big realization this year was that I do like my job. It's hard and it's stressful. But I like what I do most of the time. So while it may not be my passion, I like shifting my focus to be positive about how I spend the majority of my waking hours.

Exercise - tae kwon do continues. Trying to increase my daily steps. Boxing with a friend sometimes. Still would love to do zumba regularly. Once TKD is done, I will have to find my next thing to help me stay a little active.

Yoga - Another one that I just need to make happen. I'd like to make this one happen in December.

Date nights - Another one that needs to be made a priority and I just haven't. Situations have changed so that having a sitter for the kids is more of a challenge. However, we have been trying to find alone time more often - even if it means just being able to run to Target without the kids for an hour.

5K - Done

Ride my bike - I don't think this one will happen in 2017, sadly. Nope. Didn't happen. Will have to try again in 2018.

Free hugs (3x) - Done. At the Women's March and at Indy Pride (in the parade) and again at the Festival of Faiths.

Read 12 books - done! And still going! Currently reading Hillbilly Elegy. Beartown and Waking Up White are next on the list. Have really been enjoying young adult books this year.

Journal - ongoing. Recently my journaling has been poetry!

Time with friends - ongoing.

Chores - we had a great system over the summer. Struggling to keep it up in the school year. No consistent system but I'm better about asking the kids to do jobs more often.

Love others - yep. This is happening.

Labyrinth - check. Walked the labyrinth at church after a friend died.

Wear my Fitbit - check.