Friday, July 18, 2008

The County Fair

Prior to blogging, I kept a message board to keep up with friends and family through pregnancy and mommyhood.  I'm working on bringing those posts to this blog. 

Jeff is out of town for the weekend. This weekend is also the 4H County Fair. No rides or Midway but lots of animals and small games and food (that supports local groups rather than commercial business).

Christy and I took Zach and Teagan after work. I am exhausted.

First, we had dinner. Took a brief pause by the horses and then by the pigs on our way there. For dinner, Zach had watermelon, a fruit slush, some sloppy joe meat, and a couple of grapes. Teagan had a corndog and some grapes and a lemon shake up. I had a pork tenderloin sandwich and some of that sloppy joe and the fruit slush. Christy had a corndog and some grapes, too. Our food purchases supported some local churches and high school groups.

We saw... goats and chickens and a rooster and baby chicks and rabbits and cows and horses and pigs and sheep and llamas and...


Teagan played games, too. Little games. She threw bean bags at a stack of tin cans. With some help from a very understanding and nice worker, T knocked over all the cans and won a stuffed fish!! She also played a fishing game. You get 2 tries with a magnetic fishing pole to catch a fish with either a 6 or a 9 on the belly. T never got a 6 or a 9 but the guy let her win a little prize anyway. She had the most fun doing what she saw him doing- plucking the fish from the magnet and dropping it into a hole and back into the water! She played a couple of other little games and got a few little trinkets.

Hit the commercial tent. Picked up a flyer for a dance studio- T expressed interest but soon forgot about it. Saw some old theatre friends. Explored a Tupperware booth. 

We all 4 shared a funnel cake and a bottle of water and by then it was suddenly 8:30- well past the time I had intended for us to stay. So Zach and I head to the car and Christy and Teagan rush off to quickly see the few animals we had missed. I pack up and change Z's diaper, change him into a dry outfit that he can sleep in... nurse a smidge. 

Get home, pop in Veggie Tales for Teagan (by her very polite request), get Z to bed and now T is zonked out. Hopefully we get a smidge of sleeping in time in the morning!!

Side note- Christy and I joined a gym located directly across the street from our office. I went for my first workout today. Hit the elliptical machine, rowing machine, and treadmill. Did about 45 mins of hard work and the machines tell me I burned 230 calories!


Oh- Before Jeff left, he cleaned out the dining room enough that the table is usable again. THANK YOU HONEY! Now T has a spot where she can sit to eat or color or play and Zach can't reach her. He'll get frustrated but can be distracted.

Also, Christy and Teagan went through the pig barn together and T came out looking very unhappy. 2 pigs got upset and were screeching/squealing. No pleasent snuffling oinks. It was a well timed example- she has recently had issues at Lisa's with SCREAMING for all reasons. So we finally found something comparable to call her back to when she is in a screaming mood!! 


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