Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Are You?

It can be a loaded question.

How are you?

I've heard it said that people lie every day- when they answer that question with the generic "fine."

I know people who will always answer "blessed."

I don't have a set way that I answer.

At work, I might give an answer that indicates that I am stressed, over worked, tired, in need of coffee.

In public, I'll give a generic answer.

Amongst my friends... I struggle with how to answer.  Because the people who love me ask that question because they know there are things in my life that are difficult.  When there is a great big complicated ball of stuff going on in my life, there is no easy answer.

I guess I answer as honestly as the other person asks.

Last night, I had some meetings at church and some of my good friends were there.  After the meeting, several wanted to check in, see how I was doing.

Friends who love you and know what is going on in your life mean it when they ask how you're doing.  And they understand what it means when you say... Things aren't fine but I made it through today.

Friends who love you and know that you're in a hard place don't even ask... they just tell you that they're thinking of you, they offer you a hug, they tell you that they are praying for you.

Maybe it isn't the answer that matters.  Maybe the important thing is the asking.



Katherine said...

I think part of the problem is that asking "How are you?" has become so common place. We ask it when we don't really want to hear. I usually answer it with "Well, you know..." or "Same as always."

Garret said...

Unfortunately a lot of people on my Mom's side will tell you just how they feel to the point of feeling sorry that you ever asked...

Karen M. Peterson said...

Sometimes "how are you?" is the WORST question in the world.