Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kids + Camera = Cute!

My phone is not a tech gadget used by everyone in the home.  You will rarely find me handing my phone over to the kids in a restaurant so they can play games or watch videos.  I know plenty of moms do - it's just my preference that my kids know that my phone is MY tool and not their toy.

From time to time, Teagan will pick up my phone so she can "check the weather."  Mostly because that's about all she knows how to do on my phone.

Until the other morning when she figured out how to use the camera.  To take selfies.

And when I discovered them, while at work, I laughed and laughed!

And of course, once Zach saw them, he wanted some of his own...

I think I might need to loosen up m ypolicy on phone usage a bit.  because the smiles that these pics have generated is well worth it!



Alison said...

Miss Chef's 4 year old nieces love to play with my phone, and I always get it back with selfies. One in particular likes to stick out her tongue. :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

That is hilarious! Your kids are awesome.

Garret said...

That is cool. Maybe it's time for a cheap durable camera for them to share.

Katherine said...

I am guilty of handing my phone over. 30 minute wait at a restaurant: here's my phone. They also love to take pictures, but of each other and they are never meant to be complimentary.