Monday, May 18, 2015

Need Some Motivation? Meet Erin!

I've really really really been struggling with motivation lately.

I've had days at work where I don't actually complete anything.

My house is a disaster and I have no interest in cleaning it up.

I don't want to be active or make healthy choices.

I want to want to do these things.  I want to be an effective employee with a strong reputation for following through and getting things done. I want to have a home that I can invite people into at any time. I want to feel good about my choices in how I take care of myself each day.

I've identified that my big issue is motivation. I want the result but am struggling to find the desire to do the work.

And I'm reminded that if I think back on it, the work is all work that I even enjoy while I'm doing it. I like to ride my bike or go for a walk. I like to be productive and work through spreadsheets. I even like cleaning.

My friend, Erin, recently had an amazing success with finding and keeping motivation to make changes in her life. I asked if I could share her story - because her story was shining a tiny little ray of motivation in me. And since her sharing her achieved goals, I find that I'm doing better on some of my goals each week. Heck, the fact that I'm even setting goals each week is a big deal!

I asked if I could share her story with you guys - because if I'm finding motivation, I know others will, too. Erin is a mom and a daycare provider. She is the type of woman who seeks to serve and love others. She loves to read. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She is deeply committed to her family. These are all things I really admire about her.

CHECK HER OUT!!!  She started making healthy choices on Sept 1. And by May - she had lost 93 pounds and accomplished an amazing goal of completing the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (13.1 miles).

I asked Erin - what motivated her to start? And to keep going?

"My husband actually motivated me to start. In August, he said that he was going to start running again on September 1 and watching what he ate. Would I be interested in joining him? Right away I said no to the running / exercising however I did say that I would diet and watch portion control and how I prepared meals. I really think it is easier to diet with a partner than to diet alone.
About three weeks in to our diet I had a very rough day - one of those days where I just needed to step away from kids and homework and daycare and potty training. I told my husband that I was going to go on a walk around the neighborhood by myself as I just needed a bit of me time.
That walk felt so good even though it only took me about 15 minutes and I was not moving at a fast pace or anything like that.
The next day I told him that we would need to rework our evening routine because I would really like to start walking every evening. He was 100% on board with it and has been great about it since then. He works out on the treadmill and I prefer to be outside so we work out at the same time and he is still in the house with the boys.
I get that very much needed me time and a break from being around kids almost 24/7!"

I also found it interesting that Erin knew, because of her personality, that using a FitBit or other device would not be a motivator for her. She said she lost weight a few years back and basically became so competitive with herself that it became a chore to exercise instead of a joy.  She does map her walks so she knows her distance and finds that to be motivating. I totally understand that - I love using Daily Mile to track my walks or bike rides. I've also tried Endomondo and Erin using Map My Walk.

I also asked Erin what advice she would give to someone on this journey and her advice is exactly what I know to be true (but have struggled with lately).  Get moving and stay moving. Take the stairs, park far away, go the long way to the door. Every step matters. Keep the end result in mind - living a healthier lifestyle. Being stronger. Better peace of mind. Whatever it is that you are working towards.

I hope you will find Erin's story as motivating as I have!

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Cherie from the Queen of Free said...

ERIN?! You are amazing! What an achievement and what a beautiful display of the gradual change that actually sticks in someone's life. I am so encouraged by your journey!

punkinmama said...

Wow! Way to go Erin! Huge achievement! Kudos and thanks for the encouragement!

Candy said...

Hooray for Erin! Thanks for the motivation!

By the way, Liz, I'm with you on walking and riding my bike, but not so much on enjoying cleaning my house:) However, I would like to be able to have people over anytime and not scramble madly to put things in order... Hmmm...I'll have to think about it for awhile:)