Thursday, July 30, 2015

@IndyStateFair - Planning My Days

I'm carefully studying the Indiana State Fair program online and figuring out the best days to go this year and the things to do while I'm there! I have learned that having a plan is best - even if I end up not following it. Ha!

When I look at the program, I have to figure out the days that work for taking a day off of work, if there are specific things I want to see (specific entertainment, for example, or specials going on that day), whether or not I'm taking the kids, what discounts are available on tickets.

Opening Day, Aug 7

This year, I'd really like to go Opening Day. Without my kids. I want to be at the fairgrounds by 6 so I can be there for the hot air balloon launch. I want to see the Calgary Stampede Show Band (free in the Grandstand). But the biggest draw for me on this date is seeing the Indigo Girls on the Free Stage at 7:30!

Family Day, Aug 10

I love going on Family Day for one reason - it's the best Midway deal of the summer. Teagan started enjoying rides a couple of years ago. Zach hasn't found a love of rides. But with the Midway wristband deal on Family Day, I can get them each a wristband at a price I feel good about and Teagan can ride as much as she wants and Zach can ride a couple things if he wants and it all works out in the end. Wristbands on Family Day are $15.

I'm also excited to take my kids to the rodeo! It's free and runs at 7:30 but there is a "fan interaction" event at 1:30. The Peking Acrobats are back this year and I'm very eager to see them again. And I'm always a fan of the dog trick/stunt shows - and my animal loving daughter will love it, too.

$2 Tuesdays, Aug 11 and Aug 18

I love $2 Tuesdays! Vendors all over the fairgrounds offer foods for $2. It might be a drink or corn dog - or it might be a smaller portion of a funnel cake or something unique. Midway rides are $2 per ride and this is the day we ride the ferris wheel.

Farmers' Day, Weds Aug 19

Farmers' Day used to always be the day that Christy and I would take off work together to enjoy a day at the Fair. You start out early by enjoying the fundraiser Pancake Breakfast that benefits the FFA, I think. Everyone is friendly and you get a great start to the day with a yummy breakfast. Then a ride on the tractor pulled shuttle all the way around the Fairgrounds - I love that early morning wake up time as vendors open up and start to prepare for the day.

$5 Foodie Friday, Aug 21

It's another great day to enjoy the FOOD at the Fair!! If you think the Indiana State Fair is only about corn dogs and deep fried anything, you're wrong! There are some really yummy and unique foods offered at the Fair each year. One of my faves are Ya-Ya's Tomato Balls. These are near the Home & Family Arts building. It's like a hush puppy with a greek twist. I'm a huge fan of supporting the Indiana producers - Pork, Beef, Dairy. Few things are better than a pork burger or steak sandwich and nothing beats the chocolate milk at the Dairy Bar.


For me, any day is really a GREAT day to go to the Indiana State Fair. I can always find something new, interesting, entertaining, educational. Even to just sit and people watch is fun! What days are you planning to visit?

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