Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 2008

Prior to blogging, I kept a message board to keep up with friends and family through pregnancy and mommyhood.  I'm working on bringing those posts to this blog. 

Happily, there really isn't much to report!! I don't have pics to share since I haven't had much time to take pictures or load any pics from the camera. 

Life is normal and normal means busy. We were super busy last week and I am so thankful to have had my mom here to help out. Miss Lisa had to have minor surgery on Tuesday last week so she was closed that day. My mom came up and stayed with us Mon evening through Friday morning. She got my kitchen cleaned up and my living room cleaned up and my laundry caught up. She had my brothers here through Weds evening and they helped out, too. Grandpa came up to get the boys Weds evening and we all went out to dinner. Sahm's may be our new favorite place to take the kids. They garnish the plates with small slices of watermelon so Zach is a happy camper. And Teagan was able to get something besides chicken nuggets- she had a cheese quesadilla! 

Mom left Fri morning and went up to Chicago to visit my grandparents and help them out. Came back Sat evening. It was a hard trip for her. My grandparents are aging and not doing well and no one is really there to care for them, apparently. They live near my mom's sister but she seems focused on retirement and moving on to the next stage of her own life. It is very hard for my mom to watch her parents get older and less capable. I don't look forward to watching that happen to my mom and dad when the time comes, either.

Saturday morning was a family time- we went out to breakfast (thankfully we went to a place right by home since Zach pooped during the meal and I didn't come prepared so I had to drive him home to change him) and to the Farmers Market. It was Pet Day and there were dogs everywhere!! Teagan enjoyed it- and so did her mom and dad. We saw companion dogs and retired greyhounds and kittens for adoption. So tempting to open our home to more animals... but the time isn't right yet. I'd really love to have a greyhound someday. 

Grandma came back Sat evening and we had dinner and playtime. She came with us to church Sunday and then headed back home. We went to a pool party that was such fun!! My friend has a 9 year old daughter and she and Teagan really took to each other and played together and had such fun. This little girl never seemed to mind hanging out with Teagan and playing with her. It was great!

And this week has been back to the normal routine. Up in the morning, off to daycare and work, home, dinner, bath time, bedtime. Zach hasn't been sleeping well- lots of wakefulness and night nursing. I assume it is all the normal reasons- hitting milestones (he is starting to stand on his own now- not holding on to anything), teething (nothing popping through yet but I can see front teeth pushing forward), growth spurt (he is moving into size 18 mos clothes).

We are getting ready for the big family vacation coming up. Taking 2 days to drive to the Philly area. Staying there 2 days to go to Sesame Place. Teagan is thrilled to see Elmo and Grover and others. We have mentioned once or twice about going to see ELmo this summer. She overheard something on the news the other morning about it now officially being summer. And she turned to me and asked- "Is it summer now?" Yep. "Are we going to see Elmo??" Ha!! She's smart.

Speaking of smart- she has made connections in her head that I sometimes don't immediately follow but once I figure it out, I am amazed. For example, about 2-3 months ago, she and I had taken a little trip to the grocery store. She was pushing her own cart and picking things out as we went. She had picked out a little package of donuts. But then saw marshmallows. So she chose to put back the donuts and get the marshmallows. Fast forward to yesterday morning. We get to Lisa's and Teagan spots a box of donuts on the counter. She then announces that we don't have donuts at our house. I agreed and said we only have donuts at church. She then says "Yeah. But we have marshmallows." I just smiled and agreed- had no clue what she was talking about. It literally took about 3 more hours before it hit me... the grocery store thing and the donuts for marshmallows thing! She is SMART!


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