Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ah, Time Off!

I hadn't really intended to take a break from the blog.  But I realized yesterday that I hadn't blogged in a week so I opted to keep it that way.

This is one of the best weekend we've had in a while.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday and with Jeff's family on Friday.

And then we did nothing.

Well, we didn't go anywhere.

It's Sunday evening and I haven't showered in days.

I've done housework, preparing the house for Christmas decorating.  I've cleaned up the kitchen in order to actually cook dinner.  And I actually cooked dinner on Saturday.

The weekend has had some ups and downs with the kids, of course.  Barely going anywhere for 2 days isn't their norm.

We ate junk food.  We played video games.  We watched TV.  We had a homemade dinner.  We put up the tree.  We decorated.  We slept in.  We spent time together, we spent time doing our own thing.  We cancelled all obligations and focused only on our family, our home, ourselves.

It was the exact kind of weekend that we, as a family, needed so desperately.

It was the exact kind of weekend that I, as a mom and wife and employee and person, needed.


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Garret said...

I would have had to insert showering in there... everyday.