Friday, November 30, 2012

Making Amends

Yesterday, I shared about some recent personal conflicts that I was facing.

Today, I am excited that there is a lot of stress that has been relieved.

Funny how making a choice to take action makes all the difference.

In situation 1, I was at fault.  I apologized.  The apology was not only accepted but also returned.

In situation 2, both of us were at fault.  There weren't apologies but the relationship is such that we both realize we just had a little temper tantrum and we are back to liking each other just fine.

And in situation 3, I was hurt and was scared to face the conflict because I was afraid of the consequences.  Thankfully, that friend read my blog, realized what was going on, and reached out to me.  We've talked, hugged, and laughed together and now things are back to normal.

Not knowing how someone will react is a level of fear that often prevents me from taking action.  And yesterday, I proved to myself that it isn't the best way or right way.

Even when it's difficult, I have to be willing to reach out.  When I've caused harm, I have to make amends.  When I've been hurt, I need to be willing to seek amends.  And when someone comes to me expressing that I've caused them harm, I need to be open to hearing them.


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Amy said...

Making amends is kind of like going to the gynecologist or getting a mammogram. I fret about it and worry about it and in the end, it's not as bad as I'd built it up in my head to be and I feel better for having done it.

I was going to say it's like going to the dentist. But it's not. Because I always hate the dentist and am never very glad for having gone there.