Friday, December 28, 2012

Time Off

I'm getting some much needed down time this week.  A 4 day weekend, 1 day back at work, and then 6 days off.  Back to work Jan 2.

We've had a couple of totally lazy days where we stay in our jammies all day and never leave the house.  We've had a sick day.  We've celebrated Christmas.  We've played games together and watched TV together.

I took myself to a movie.

We ran errands together.

We've been cooking and cleaning.

We've been a family.  Full time.

And it's been awesome.

A complete break from work was just what I needed.

A total connection to my kids and to my husband was just what I needed.

My brothers might come visit for a couple of days and will be part of our down time,  our hanging out.

Time off.  Just what we needed!


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