Monday, December 3, 2012

Loss - Part 3

This is the third post I've written in 2012 that I wanted to title with just one word - "Loss."

It's been a hard year.

In March, I wrote about a mom who lost her son.  In September, I wrote about losing my grandfather.

The year has been filled with Loss.

Back in January, we adopted a senior dog with health problems.  In May, we lost her.

Even a guest post in September dealt with loss.

Job loss has been part of the picture, too.  Layoffs in my department.  A good friend's husband losing his job.  Mom friends desperately needing employment.

And as we enter the holiday season, it seems loss is prevalent.  Friends posting about losing loved ones in car accidents, to illness.

Worst of all, I know at least 5 people impacted by suicide in the past month.  People losing friends, cousins... and one friend just lost her father.

To suicide.

Right before Christmas.

My heart breaks, my anger rises, my desire to DO something, anything, kicks in.

I find comfort and guidance in my faith.

But there is still a desire to do something, help somehow, soothe, comfort, lift.

What do you do when you are overwhelmed by loss?


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Garret said...

Recognizing depression is key. I'm not even sure it's all that easy. I've also know that someone who is depressed may not be sad all the time. A depressed person can be happy for hours, maybe visiting with a friend, at an amusement park or whatever but then left alone goes back into depression. I was like that during my unemployment for a short time. I caught myself staring into space and wondering what painless ways there are to take my life. I wondered that although I'm atheist, what if there was something and that when I took my life I'd be trapped in some sort of hell. Or would my life just end and nothing more? So many thoughts, such as rough feeling. Don't ever think you can "cheer someone up". It takes more than that.