Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meal Planning: May 5

Well, I've been a slacker.  But I'm ok with that.

I was out of town for work last week.  And I haven't been able to reclaim the kichen since getting home (dishes need to be put away and then we need to wash a boatload of glasses).  We have eaten out for most every meal for 2 weeks.

My waist line shows it.  I miss my juice and my veggies and fruits.

It's easy to see how quickly we can slide.

But I have to get back to it.  Meal planning.  Healthier eating. Exercise.

It isn't very detailed.  But it's at least a start.

After completing our grocery shopping, some adjsutments have been made.  BBQ meatballs are tonight.  And there will be a pasta night and a mexican night.  It's ok - having a plan doesn't mean I can't be flexible!

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