Thursday, November 19, 2015

#DoorDashIndy (Special Offer for YOU!)

You know how sometimes you're watching TV and the show is based in New York City and they get food delivered and... it's not pizza? And maybe you're like me and you live in the suburbs and pizza has long been the only delivery option around? Well, to be fair, we recently had a couple of Chinese places move in that deliver.

But I dream of Thai and Indian and Greek. I even dream of Applebee's and Red Lobster and the local pub or local eatery.

My dreams have come true.

DoorDash is a service that has agreements with various restaurants. You go online, see what restaurants are available in your area, place an order, and a delivery person brings it to you.


We decided to try it out last night. I will say that my greatest challenge was that I love international and ethical foods. My husband... not so much. So for this first venture into the world of DoorDash, we went with one of our favorite local joints - Nickel Plate.

Every Hoosier has a heart for a tenderloin and my husband is over the moon that he can have one of his favorite tenderloins delivered right to our front door!

There are times when Jeff is out of town and I long for my version of comfort food - sushi. But no place delivers! Now I have several options through DoorDash to have sushi brought to my house!

DoorDash is really invested in helping local economies. This business not only supports local restaurants but also provides positive work opportunities for Dashers (your delivery guy).

DoorDash is seeking to become international! They've just recently launched in Toronto. No - Indy peeps can't order from Toronto restaurants.

And here is a SPECIAL OFFER for YOU!

If you want to try DoorDash, sign up with my promo code EternalLizdom, and you will receive $8 off your first order.

I was compensated for this blog post and social media efforts. However, all opinions are completely my own. DoorDash is a service I will use in the future!

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