Friday, March 5, 2010

Fabulous Feel Good Friday Fragments and Leftovers!

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I'm working on becoming a more organized mom. Our schedules are starting to get full with birthday parties, playdates, church commitments, dungeon planning (that one's Jeff's- yes, I'm serious), and so on. One thing that Jeff and I have started using that is really helping us keep track of everything from doctor appointments to special days at school (crazy sock day, for example) is Google Calendar.
I've also gotten myself a binder and am using it to keep track of my projects and the paperwork affiliated with them. Check it out!
One cool- or mortifying- thing about Facebook is when someone posts a really old pic and either tags you or you find youself in it.
This is from the year I was in the Brownies (I won't go into the tragic details of my Brownie experience and the hidden stash of stolen Thin Mints)... Can you guess which one is me?
I'm in the front row, second from the right.
I need some creative ideas. The week of March 15, I will be in a series of LONG meetings. This is in preparation for some major changes coming at work. Monday is fine- we start in the afternoon, go to end of day. Tuesday, Weds and Thurs are all day long. Lunch brought in with a 45 min lunch break. Looking at the agenda- I don't even see morning and afternoon breaks scheduled. Here's my concern- my workouts are going to be impacted. I'm fine with bringing in my own lunch or making the healthiest choices I can from what's brought in (I'm friends with our menu planner so I've got an "in"). But I workout on my lunch hour! Tuesday and Thursday is Boot Camp! Monday and Weds I run my C25K workout. I'll get my week 3 workout Sat, Mon... and then am going to have to be really committed to get my 3rd workout done after work Weds or Thurs. My friend Ashli suggested using breaks to walk the parking lot or hallways- and I definitely will do that. Any other ideas? Or do I need to just suck it up and get my booty out of bed early or suck it up and do my workout after bedtime?
This week's Feel Good Affirmation... and it seems to be a message that people needed to hear. The response, again, is good!
The date is set- I start leadership of a children's choir at church on March 21. ACK!
I scheduled a physical with my doctor. It's been a LONG time since I've done this. Maybe close to 10 years. I called to schedule... turns out, it's been a long time since I've even seen him as a patient! Anyway, Mar 24 is the big day. My first physical in a decade. Yikes!!
Week One of the Couch to 5K program is COMPLETE! Workout 2 starts tomorrow!
My kids are just plain old ADORABLE.
I thought I'd highlight some of the posts I wrote this week- I feel like 2 of them were full of good information. One on Preschool and the other on Protecting the Gift. I also wrote a bit about this new motivation to become a Healthier Me. I also put up a "page" that you can find in my header bar thingee up there- above those beautiful people.
TGIF! What are your weekend plans? We have a playdate tomorrow and I think our weekend is pretty open otherwise- which is a good thing because we have some very busy weeks coming up!


Garret said...

Changes at work? Anything you're worried about or do you already know about them?

The Brownie and stashing stuff sounds REAL familiar. Did you blog about that prior?

That is a kick ass organizer!

Google calendar is great because you can share with others if need be.

Momza said...

I am doing the same thing you are...trying to get organized! I am soooo supremely happier when my life is organized.
And yes, your babies are adorable!!
Love the brownies pictures!

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love getting organized! Good for you.
I would hate the meetings all week. That does mess up your workout schedule. Would anybody notice if you started jogging in place or lifting weights in your chair?

The kids ARE adorable!
Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

I think you are in the first row, last on the right. Yes?

Does your office have stairs? A good 5-10 minute trek up and down the stairs would be good. Or can you bring in a big balance ball to sit on instead of a chair? Tell them you hurt your back if you have to. Otherwise, I think you're stuck working out early.

Good luck on the organization. I totally need to do that -- along with getting my coupons organized. Oh, the to do list just grows....

Have a great weekend!

Kori said...

I don't have any advice to your workout dilemma, as I am also facing the same issues starting next week for hte next 6 weeks-and am not close enough to my place to work out during lunch. Let me know if you get any great ideas!

Joy@TPMG said...

Cute pics! I need to start using google calendar. I always hear great things about it. The brownie pic is adorable. I always wanted to be in Girl Scouts. I want to have my daughters join when they are old enough.

Nancy C said...

Your kids are adorable. I love Google Calendar.

And, I'll say it again: Your Protecting the Gift is probably the most important post I ever read. Truth.

Eternal Lizdom said...

@Garret Yep- this has been months coming and now it's going full steam ahead. Our current department- Procurement- is moving to the existing corporate sourcing department. Our department isn't losing anyone- we are going to be a completely new department for our entire division (instead of procurement for just the business we were prior to the 3M acquisition). We will be the Global Outsource Manufacturing goup for 3M's Occupational Health and Environmental Safety division. My portfolio to manage will be finished goods that 3M procures from a product line that comes out of Sweden.

Yes, I've shared the Brownie story before...

@Momza The trick is finding the motivation to get more organized at home!! I really want to stop picking clothes out of hampers of clean laundry every morning! But at least it is clean (thanks to my lovely laundry doing husband)!

@Crazy Unfortunately, this is the kind of meeting and people where movement and "restlessness" might not be appreciated much. Heck, if nothing else, I can slip out to potty once an hour and do squats and hip shakes in the stall!!

@Amy Close- the shorter one, one in the from the end. No stairs here at work. Boo.

@Kori The frustrating thing is that I've found this mojo and I don't want to stop because I don't want to lose it!! I'm sure you're feeling the same way. But you know what? We get through it- by being more disciplined and committed- and we've definitely sealed in some good habits. You especially with such a long time period to work with!

@JLW I think Teagan will be eligible once she starts Kindergarten. Our church has a large troop and I know those kids and moms so I think it will be a positive experience!

@Nancy Thanks for the props on that post. I enjoyed writing it and I, too, think it is really important!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy Friday Fragments!

Love that you are so organized-- That's a good nudge for me to get going on my *ahem* New Year's Resolution *ahem*in*March*

I loved my Brownie uniform so much I begged my mom to let me wear it every day. Your pic brought back fun memories.

Hope your weekend is great.

Anonymous said...

Your kids ARE adorable!!

Totally walk during the break if you can and do stairs. Plus getting some fresh air will perk you up for the rest of the meetings.

If that doesn't work can you wake up 1/2 hour early and exercise at home?


Thank you again for doing FGF!!!

Have a super weekend.

Teacher Tom said...

Yeah, those FB pics can be disconcerting when other people tag you in them. I hadn't thought much about it until last week when the kids surprised me with a birthday celebration at school. One of the moms had scored all those old pics from FB, printed them and put them on a poster board that now hangs in our school hallway!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Your kids ARE adorable! And the couch to 5k thing intrigues me. May have to google that. We don't have much going on this weekend, but the rest of the month is crazy!

Mellodee said...

I started singing in a church/school "choir" when I was in 3rd grade. I loved it. I still remember some of the songs (they were all hymns). There were only about 10 of us (it was a VERY small Catholic School). So, you could hardly call us a "choir", but our director, Sr. Rita Therese, was memorable She was the first of four outstanding music directors I had in school choirs, up to and including college!!

Anyway, have fun with the kidlets and singing!

Danifred said...

Thanks for coming over to Leftovers this week, I'm so excited to read so many news blogs!

I love being organized, it just seems to make life so much easier. My husband and I started a shared Google calendar, it's perfect for when we're trying to plan something around all of our family to-dos.

And, I must agree, your kiddos are just too cute :)

noexcuses said...

Love your encouraging posts! I'm still trying to get the hand of this theme.

Your kids are adorable! I was a brownie, then cadette. I've been leader for the past 10 years. It's a great program for all girls!

Good luck on the exercise plan. Walk anytime and anywhere you can. Speed it up a bit as time goes by. You will do it!

Great post!

Alison said...

From dungeon planning to crazy sock day...good thing you have a blog to share this crazy life with us!

I bought myself a 4-drawer filing cabinet when I was in grad school, and it was a heeyuge help. I will keep myself organized, IF I have good system set up. And, again, it helps to have the right tools!

I was going to suggest stairs, too. I dunno, I guess getting up 20 mins. early to do a short workout at home might at least keep you from sliding back.

Oh, and you look SOOOO much like Teagan in that Brownie picture! Same smile, same attitude...but that shouldn't surprise you anymore, right??

Mrs4444 said...

I love those expandable files--Great move! You'll be so glad you used it.

No new advice, sorry (said from the couch).

Go Brownies!!!
Have a great week :)