Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 Fall TV

Jeff and I are TV addicts. We, of course, being addicts, don't see it as a problem. But to those who are cautious about TV, I'm sure we would have fingers pointed at us and insults tossed about behind our backs by those who are holier-than-thou-who-watcheth-too-much-tv. But we like it. So deal. So I'm gonna give a little break down of the shows we are looking forward to checking out, the shows that we are eager to see back again, and so on. We don't schedule our lives around TV. That's what the DVR is for, after all. And most of the list will get dumped within the first few episodes... but it is still fun to at least consider the new fall line up! Monday How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8:00 EST, 9/21) Big Bang Theory (CBS, 9:30 EST, 9/21) Heroes (NBC, 8:00 EST, 9/21) Quick thoughts: How on earth are they showing Heroes at 8 pm??? That show is pretty violent, adult themed. It's not superheroes for kids. Hm. From what I'm reading, Heroes is on now and Chuck will replace Heroes in the spring. We are also Chuck fans so we will be watching Chuck this spring, I suppose. That's a long time to wait. Tuesday 90210 (CW, 8:00 EST, 9/8) Quick Thoughts: Don't be a hater. I grew up with the 90210 kids and I just can't let them go. Nothing else is really on Tuesdays so this is an evening where we will catch up on shows from Monday. Wednesday GLEE!!!!!!! (Fox, 9:00 EST, 9/9) The Middle (ABC, 8:30 EST, 9/30) Modern Family (ABC, 9:00 EST, 9/23) The Beautiful Life (CW, 9:00 EST, 9/16) Quick Thoughts: I am so insanely head over heels with Glee. I am also eager for the 2 ABC comedies. Anything involving families that feels relatable on any level to me tends to draw me in. Which is probably why I'm not interested in the new Kelsey Grammer show or in Cougartown. Everything we are watching on Weds are new shows. Thursday Flash Forward (ABC, 8:00 EST, 9/24) Survivor (CBS, 8:00 EST, 9/17) The Office (NBC, 9:00 EST, 9/17) Community (NBC, 9:30 EST, 9/17) Quick Thoughts: Very excited to see Joel McHale and Chevy Chase in Community! Flash Forward is intriguing but if it doesn't hook me in the first episode, I won't stick with it. Friday Um... nothing really catching my eye. Maybe that's why it's often a date night on the couch for us? Hello Netflix! Saturday See Friday... date night, catch up on DVR... Sunday AFV (ABC, 7:00 EST, doesn't matter- it's funny no mater how many times you see it) Amazing Race (CBS, 8:00 EST, 9/27) Desperate Housewives (ABC, 9:00 EST, 9/27) Overall random thoughts: This Leno at 10 every night thing blows. I'm so not excited about that and I won't be watching. Waiting for shows to come on in the spring also blows- Chuck, Lost. Where is Wipeout on the schedule?? We tried watching The Vampire Diaries and found it really boring. It seems Ugly Betty is soon to vanish- it's being moved to the death slot of 9:00 on Fridays. I'm curious to check out the V miniseries that ABC is doing (11/3). I don't normally watch House but might watch a little at the start of the season (Fox, 9/21) just because the premise of the season opener is interesting. We also watch Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABCFamily- it comes back in January. We also like Make It or Break It but the only info I can find is that the new season is "coming soon." Hope we don't miss it... So for those who also enjoy a little unwinding in front of the TV... who enjoys the distraction and entertainment of television... what will you be watching?


Kristi said...


Yes, I am just a little bit excited for that one.

I will probably try out some new shoes such as Flash Forward and Community. Not sure about any other new ones. Nothing looks that interesting this year.

And of course I will be watching my faves: Grey's Anatomy, Mentalist (can't believe you don't watch that - it is so good!), and House. Then there is Lost and 24 when they returns in January. Thank goodness for the DVR or we'd never watch anything!

Kristi said...

ha ha, just read what I wrote and I typed shoes instead of shows. Tired much? LOL

Alison said...

Instead of watching, I will be pointing my finger in your direction and turning my snoot up in the air.

I used to make sure to catch Extreme Makeover: Home Improvement every week, but even that has fallen by the wayside. I usually end up putting on the least offensive sitcom rerun I can find while I'm sitting at the computer lesson planning (or blogging).

I will take a break for The Office, though!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Kristi... I never got into the Mentalist because it felt like an attempt to rip off USA's Psych. Psych has even poked fun about it! And I like the light heartedness of Psych more.

Flartus... Oh fine, I will allow you to flip your snoot at me. But only because Rosie is so stinkin' cute and I know SHE would totally watch TV with me!

Collette said...

I will be watching..

Monday Night
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men

I guess Accidentally on Purpose because its on in the middle of my Monday night couch potatoing (yes, I made that word up)

Wow I'm boring...that's it till LOST on Wed. in the spring. I need new shows!!

In my snotty defense, we watch LOTS of movies.

Valerie said...

Gosh, when you said you watched alot of tv I was hoping there were more shows...I watch far too much tv here... I'm not going to list them by day because tehy changed some of the lineups but here's my scary list:

Big Bang Theory
How I met Your Mother
CSI: Miami
Criminal Minds
Medium (DH doesn't watch this)
Expedition Africa (which is on the History channel)
DH watches Heroes I haven't watched since season 2 ended.
Oh yes and let's not forget for their short season I also watch:

Paranormal State.

I tried to watch Glee but I couldn't get into it, and I will more than likely, watch the new ABC sitcoms...but we'll see if those end up as keepers.

I got rid of CSI last seasona nd same with House...things just had too go.

Community NBC said...

We at Community NBC are very excited about the show Community!

Victoria said...

GLEEEEEEEE..( although I will be watching that one by myself.. but I can share meaningful conversation with you at church.. :-)
How about NCIS? Mark Harmon is my guy... (I know, I'm old).
We are going to try Flash Forward as well.
I fell in love with Saving Grace but she isn't back until winter.
We are hanging with House, but it is getting a tad predictable...
... Randy is waiting for Lost...
I like The Closer... actually, my mother loves this show and I watch it so we can share, although I do find it fairly entertaining to watch Kara kick butt on a regular basis..:-)
... and we also watch lots of movies on the couch... Redbox is our main source. I'll try most any movie for a dollar... :-)

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

My daughter and her theatre/choir friends LOVE Glee so I've been watching it, too. I lovelovelove Jane Lynch! Did you watch Miss Guided about the guidance counselor who returned to her alma mater? That show was great.I wish ABC had stuck with it longer.

Teacher Tom said...

With all due respect Liz, I think I qualify as WAY more of a TV addict than you.

At least you're watching the new programming. My TV viewing is much more like at addict . . . An hour of Seinfeld reruns EVERY NIGHT, then I pass out on the sofa.

Crazee Juls said...

I can't wait for amazing race myself... I do enjoy me some t.v. watching too. :)

Heather said...

I cannot wait for this season's Desperate Housewives, and Glee, of course.

And umm, LAW AND ORDER: SVU! WOOT. I will also be watching the Office, and I want to try either Mercy or Trauma on NBC. We shall see :)

Heather said...

Oh, and we DVR Intervention, Hoarders, Ellen, Oprah, Paula Deen and Bridezillas. I watch those when I feel like it.