Friday, December 11, 2015

Wonderful Sweet Scarletts! #giveaway #contest #grapefruit

I love grapefruit.

I have memories from childhood about grapefruit. We lived with my grandparents for a couple of years. Which makes for an awesome opportunity for grandma to spoil her only grandchild. Many nights, I'd go to bed and then try to get out of bedtime by saying I was hungry. My mom would send me back to bed. And then... my grandma would sneak upstairs with a snack for me. Often, it was half a grapefruit, cut in half, sprinkled with sugar, and a cherry in the middle. 

As an adult, I still love grapefruit. I'm not so much a fan of the "sprinkled with sugar" part - I really love to peel the fruit and eat the segments. Although, who doesn't love the old experience of cutting it in half, eating the segments (with a special grapefruit spoon if you were so lucky), and then squeezing out spoonfuls of grapefruit juice.  Mmmm!

So when I was approached about blogging about grapefruit - I was all in.

"Wonderful Sweet Scarletts – a new brand of Texas Red Grapefruits – launched nationwide last year and will change the way you think about grapefruits! From the people who brought you Wonderful Pistachios, POM Wonderful and Wonderful Halos, Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Red Grapefruits are so sweet, you won’t even need to add sugar! The Texas climate yields the sweetest premium red grapefruits around. Not only is our grapefruit sweet, but half a grapefruit is only 60 calories and provides 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C."

I'm a fan of Wonderful products already. So to find out they're adding grapefruit? I have to admit that I got a little excited. Jumped around a bit as if I'd squirted grapefruit juice in my eye (all grapefruit fans have done this, trust me).

Now I've always enjoyed grapefruit just by itself. But Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Red Grapefruit sent me some recipes created by Haylie Duff (actress, author and host of Cooking Channel’s The Real Girl’s Kitchen)... I might have drooled a little bit.

There is a recipe for Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Grapefruit and Red Snapper Ceviche. I love ceviche. And this recipe has all the things I love - ponzu, lime, jalapeno, grapefruit. I'm simply going to be forced to make some! 

Best of all - Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Red Grapefruit wants to offer you a chance to win a basket celebrating grapefruit!! 

"We would like to offer a gift basket that I think your readers would love that includes our Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Red Grapefruit, recipe cards featuring our grapefruit, a grapefruit spoon, circular cutting board, grapefruit bowl, and apron."

Ya'll, I want one for me! But this giveaway is for YOU! Enter via the Rafflecopter below! Winner will be selected on Monday, Dec 14.

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Anonymous said...

I love broiled grapefruit. You can sprinkle with cinnamon or sugar (or nothing) and put a grapefruit cut in half under the broiler for just a few minutes - this is especially wonderful in colder months.

Angie S. said...

I'm a fan of broiling them with a little bit of butter, cinnamon and sugar - such a delicious winter treat!

Kathy Eyre said...

My dad used to give my sister and I grapefruit for breakfast every Sunday morning, I still think it is a special treat!

Kat said...

My grandma used to send us a box of ruby red grapefruit around Christmas time. This brings back memories!

City Homemade said...

I love grapefruit! I also have the memories of my Gram setting it out with breakfast. She'd cut it in half and section it off and sprinkle a little salt on it. Love it!

kelly said...

My grandmother would eat them split in half w a little bit of sugar on them