Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy HOWL-idays! #treatsforall (GIVEAWAY)

Happy Howlidays! 

Don't miss the start of the video - Bandit wants to say HEH-RO! And Happy HOWL-idays to you!

I love the holiday season — the cold weather, the yummy food, and of course, all of the festivities! And what I wish I could do is spoil our Bandito with lots of fun toys... but he's a dog who only loves treats. I am happy to buy toys to donate to our favorite rescue groups in his name, though.

It turns out that I'm not the only dog mama to spoil her pup during this time of year.  That's why I love this super cute website called TheNosePrint.com from Big Heart Pet Brands (the makers of Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Canine Carry Outs, and Milo's Kitchen).  They really know how to celebrate the holidays with your pup!

On TheNosePrint.com, check out some of the fun doggy do-it-yourself ideas they've dreamed up:
My favorite was the Ho-Ho-Howliday Treat Bag - it's mostly easy enough that even not-crafty-me could do it. And it's a fun and easy gift idea for my favorite neighborhood doggie friends!

I'm also loving the homemade paw-print ornament. I've seen these with children's handprints before. Why not have your fur child make an ornament too?

Other great homemade doggy gifts include a treat bouquet, a sweet treat jar, and a ho-ho-howliday treat bag. 
The NosePrint.com also asked 3,000 Americans about their dog-related holiday habits, including whether their dog is involved in gift-giving, stocking-stuffing, Christmas sweater-wearing, and other holiday traditions.

What they found is that Americans really LOVE their pets. For instance, did you know 71% of dog parents give gifts to their pups? Have you completed your Christmas doggy shopping yet?

According to the survey, here are the top 5 reasons people give gifts to their dog:
 1. To express love to my dog:  72%
 2. Because it's fun for me:  60%
 3. To help my dog feel included like a family member:  54%
 4. To give my dog a moment of happiness:  53%
 5. To feel closer and bond with my dog:  43%

We get a little bummed because Bandit is such a low maintenance dog - he likes cookies and treats but he doesn't care at all about toys! We'd love to spoil him with balls and stuffed animals but he just ignores our attempts.

The study also shared how often dogs are included into popular Christmas traditions:
1.    48% of dog parents hang a Christmas stocking for their dog.
2.    43% of dog parents include a dog in a photo for a family holiday card.
3.    32% post photos of their dog on social media with a holiday message.
4.    29% dress up their dog in a holiday-themed costume or outfit.
5.    22% make or buy dog-themed holiday decorations.

For photos and instructions on how to add more dog-related fun to your home holiday traditions, check out these cool projects they have here: 
Finally, want to know which states have the most spoiled pups?

The 2015 TheNosePrint.com Santa Dog Index ranks states based on how much, on average, dog parents will spend on their furry kids:

Top 10 States That Spend the Most on Holiday Gifts for Dogs:
 1. New Jersey: $29.61 (average gift spending per dog for state residents)
 2. New York: $28.95
 3. Pennsylvania: $28.75
 4. Utah: $27.75
 5. Georgia: $27.04
 6. California: $26.07
 7. Washington: $25.81
 8. Florida: $25.13
 9. Illinois: $24.98
 10. Virginia: $24.58

Apparently, it's good to be a dog in the New York tri-state area.  You can find the complete rankings of all 50 states at www.TheNosePrint.com.

One final thing:  The folks at TheNosePrint.com have generously offered to give away a FREE Christmas doggy care package filled with some of the most delicious stocking stuffer treats for your pup.

To be entered to win the care package, just visit this DIY decor article on TheNosePrint.com and tell me in the comments below which DIY doggy decor project that you think your family would love best. I'll choose the winner on Dec 18!

This is a sponsored post - because I love my pooch and I want you to have a chance to win and I know some doggie parents who love to do fun and crafty things for their Fidos.  Hoooooowl!

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Angie S. said...

Okay, that doggie gingerbread house is a hoot! The "bacon" roof makes it. I can see my son getting way more into this than our usual gingerbread house!

kelly said...

My dog would like the stocking because it is down at a level he can reach and help himself.