Friday, March 18, 2016

2 Weeks Until #Disney (and my kids still don't know)

My heart is all a-flutter. I am in double and triple check mode. I have lists going and second lists. I have a list of what to pack. A list of what to order from Amazon Pantry. A list of what still needs to be done.

But we are basically ready. Except for that part where the kids still don't know!

Here's the plan - we won't tell them anything until the day before we leave. Which happens to be April Fools Day. Which is kinda perfect. It's going to take our best improv abilities. We know the plan to get the "joke"started and then it will all depend on their reactions.

The kids know we've been talking about a Disney trip in the year 2016. They also know it takes a lot of planning. April Fools Day - we are going to call a family meeting. At that meeting, we will tell them that the deposit has been made for our Disney vacation! When they ask when we are going, we say "Tomorrow!" But we're going to really cheese it up.

And in the next 2 weeks, there is going to be a lot of hint dropping about pranks and jokes and how you can't pull a prank over on Daddy or sharing the best pranks we've done. We want them fully prepped for prank mode on April 1.

So when we give the big cheesy "Tomorrow!!" - they will either get excited and believe us or they will think we're joking. Or some other reaction. But the plan from that point is to neither confirm nor deny (immediately) but to proceed with packing as if we are going. And to also keep any normal routines we have - because that also throws them off.

Other final details include packing, outfit planning (which is harder to do when I can't pre-pack anything), figuring out our grocery plan (we order from a service to have snacks and breakfast items and bottled water delivered), and a few other odds and ends.

I've got coordinating shirts planned for our travel days. I've got shirts planned for Hollywood Studios (all Star Wars, of course) and for 1 of our 2 days at Magic Kingdom. We've purchased Disney gift cards for souvenir spending. We've planned out cash for housekeeping and table service meal tips.

I may start trying to prepack a bit once the shirts I order arrive. I figure I can start plotting things out at night after the kids are in bed.

And because the travel details are so nicely under control, that means my focus for the next 2 weeks is really strongly focused on work. There is a lot I want to make sure is lined up before I'm gone for a solid week.

Watch out Disney... we're coming... soon!!

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Have all the fun!!