Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Links

I had an epiphany of sorts about my weight and unhealthy choices. I talked about death with my then 4 year old daughter. I discovered that my daughter was a gifted genious- but was using her power for evil manipulation. There was an earthquake in Haiti and I wrote about my faith and my call to vent compassion.
I put a plan into action to make some serious changes to my physical well being- and discovered some similarities between my and my daughter in the process. I discovered Jeff Sheng Photography- which feels right to recall given recent events regarding Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Zach had a procedure done- cystoscopy- to find answers to the blood in his urine. Thankfully, it went well. I wrote something of a love letter to my husband. I came up with a plan to become a Healthier Me.
I wrote a post about my tips and experience for finding a preschool. I wrote about the importance of "Protecting the Gift." I started to share more about my interest in becoming a runner- even going to far as to buy shoes and clothes. After being asked how I "do it all," I wrote a series I called The Life of Lizdom. My baby girl turned 5 years old. I prepared to do Race for the Cure. I shared my thoughts on how I feel when a friend is hurting due to the choices of others.
I shared an update on my progress on making healthier choices. I shared my method of lifting up my friends in a virtual way. I did a 2 mile "fun run" with Subway Jared. I learned about the Stages of Change in regards to changing to a healthy lifestyle. I participated in the Race for the Cure. I started meeting up with mom friends who also wanted to start on the Couch to 5K program. I got honest about what my diet had been like up until I chose to start eating smarter.
I got real about success and reality. I celebrated my A Day. I wrote about jealousy- I was a "victim" of some girls being mean and needed to vent about it. I wrote about my thoughts on confronting a fear of success. Jeff and I had to work together to deal with another Mean Girl episode from our daughter. I was honored to give a sermon at my church.
The family went on a short overnight to Spencer County, Indiana and visited Holiday World and Lincoln's Boyhood Home and other fun spots. We went to an Indianapolis Indians baseball game and Daddy got to be a hero. My 5 year old daughter asked a question I was unprepared to answer. Had a typical Saturday that started out hard and ended well. I planted my garden. Jeff and I enjoyed overnight time without the kids. I ran my first ever 5K. Teagan had a meltdown that began a very hard summer in terms of her behavior.
I wrote about losing my hair. We took a weekend trip to Fort Wayne, IN. I wrote about some parenting struggles. And about those struggles being evident at school, too. We took the kids to an Indiana Fever WNBA game. I discovered the importance of family rules. My brother and his girlfriend came for a surprise (to him) visit. I wrote a post about Your Amazing Life. I shared more thoughts on protecting the gift of the innocence of our children.
Jeff and I had a daytime date. Jeff got to game with famous people. We hit the Indiana State Fair a bunch of times. I kept working on healthier choices- even with some struggles. Teagan started Kindergarten! I celebrated my birthday- and my husband proved he pays attention to what I like!
I shared my thoughts on the importance of sharing good news and positive things. I went back to being a redhead. I shared my love of chocolate cream pie with you. I vented about body image. I took a business trip that kept me away from home for most of a work week. Jeff shared that he really doesn't like my food- which led to a nice result. Teagan and I got to go see Mary Poppins. I ran another 5K. I incorporated some new goals for running.
I wrote some thoughts on people who are heroes every single day. I wrote a post that was one of my most popular posts and one I'm most passionate about- regarding faith, religion, and equality and gay people. Jeff and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. I had some deep thoughts on the sacrifices of parenting. My baby boy turned 3! I shared another passion- my call to help feed the hungry. My kids started to share a bedroom. I wrote about the struggles and successes of my continued journey to be healthier.
I shared my thoughts on making amends. I ran another 5K. We discovered that Teagan was bullying kids at school- and we took immediate action to put a stop to it. I shared my thoughts on the importance of Thanksgiving being a holiday that definitely comes before Christmas. I came up with a crazy possible reason for Teagan's bullying. Jeff and I had time without the kids and took a date night to see the musical Cats.
I shared some favorite Christmas posts- our unique Santa tradition and My Magic Christmas. I vented at FitCity about parents who don't take responsibility for the lack of healthy eating in their kids. I had to miss a family dinner- but found the day filled with blessings anyway. I found myself overwhelmed by the overflow of love around me. I wrote a series on the Season of Giving.
Up next?
Who knows what the future holds...


Claudya Martinez said...

Happy New Year, my bloggy friend!

Lola said...

It's hard to believe I've known you for almost a year now - but I'm better because of it!
Happy 2011 to you!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Happy New Year!

I'm so glad I got to follow along on your journey this year and I hope 2011 is full of all sorts of wonderful blessings.

noexcuses said...

Congratulations on a fantastic year! You experienced a lot of events, some better than others, and your determination, along with your courage, made it a great year for you to write about....and a great year for us to read about!

Thank you for sharing your life with me. God Bless you in 2011!

Anonymous said...

Liz, I LOVE this idea! I may try to do this at the end of each month and draft my 2011 for NYE next year.

Great job and idea!

No said...

Great post! Happy New Year!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Incredible--You had a BUSY year! Happy 2011!