Monday, June 18, 2012


I've been perfectly happy with my phone.  I have a Droid 3 through Verizon and it does everything I want it to do.

I have Google + on my phone so that when I take a pic or video, it automatically uploads to Google + and I never have to worry about that backup.

I have Endomondo on my phone as my fitness tracker.  I turn it on prior to a walk, run, or bike ride and it tracks my distance, speed, elevation, time, etc.

I stay connected to my social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

And I'm addicted to my email and love getting it live on my phone.

When I was contacted about reviewing the MOTOACTV for Verizon, I honestly wasn't sure I'd have a need for it.  What would it do that Endomondo didn't already do for me?

Let me tell you!

The first thing I really liked about the MOTOACTV was the size.  The armband accessory is the most comfortable armband I've ever worn.  Being active and relying on my phone means using up my phone's battery because the app works better when WiFi is on- but WiFi drains the battery.  Being active and relying on my phone means having to carry my phone which means wearing a running belt or trying to keep track of my phone in my bike bag.

When I wore the MOTOACTV on a bike ride, I liked that I could instantly see how fast I was going.  I didn't have to grab for my phone, unlock the screen and see what the app was telling me.  Instead, a quick glance at the device and I knew if I was slacking off or pushing.

Because my focus has been on cycling lately, I'm really intrigued by one of the accessories that attaches to your bike and helps with cadence.  I didn't have the opportunity to try that but I think serious cyclists would really enjoy it.

Another really cool feature of the MOTOACTV that beats any app I've found so far is that it's smart about when I pause and when I stop.  I can't tell you how many times I forget to turn off the app on my phone and it ends up recording that the end of my workout was a 5 mile course at 40 MPH.  You know... my drive home.  And with the apps I've tried so far, I have no way to go in and edit that workout.  My app auto-posts my workout to Facebook so people think I've got some crazy speed burst at the end of a 15 mile bike ride.  With the MOTOACTV, it is smarted and knows when I've paused for street traffic and when I've stopped long enough to indicate the end of the workout.

I had my MOTOACTV set up to recognize my wireless WiFi at home so as soon as I walked in the door, the device spoke to my WiFi and loaded my workout.  I could then get online and check my workouts, set goals, and even schedule the workouts I wants to do in the coming week.

The MOTOACTV also acts as a pedometer.  And an MP3 player.  It's smart enough to learn your music and performance link, too.  If you listen to music while running, for example, the device will use the data from your run (speed, distance, etc) and the songs you listened to during your run and will determine which songs helped boost your performance!  You can set the MOTOACTV to work for outdoor activities like running, walking, cycling, and even golf but can also set it for use with a treadmill or elliptical machine.

An unfortunate thing about the device?  While it was something I initially loved, the size can be a detriment for a busy mom.  Something small, dark, and square can easily get lost.

In addition to the MOTOACTV, I also had a RAZR MAXX to use with it.  While I never used the 2 devices in conjunction, I have to say that I really wish I could get rid of my Droid 3 and go to the RAZR MAXX.  The battery life is amazing, the camera is far better than the Droid 3, the screen and colors are awesome, and it is the first time I've had a phone without a slideout QWERTY keyboard that I actually really liked.  My biggest hesitation on the RAZR has been the like of a push key keyboard but having had one in my hands... I really liked it and really appreciated how much weight and bulk is removed from the phone by removing the keyboard.  Bottom line is that the RAZR does everything my Droid 3 does.  But it does it better.

If I was more serious about my training and my active lifestyle right now, the MOTOACTV would be something that could easily turn up on a wish list for my birthday or Christmas.  It can definitely act as a tool to help you improve performance, stay motivated, and challenge yourself.

And if anyone is feeling extremely generous and wants to give me a RAZR MAXX just because you love me, that would be perfectly fine with me!


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