Friday, July 22, 2011

Losing It: Fragments Edition

Sometimes, life feels overwhelming.  It feels like the balance is getting wiggly and that the things that you barely have a grasp on are about to crash to the floor and shatter into a million-billion pieces.

I'm hoping getting some fragments out might help me hold the tray up a little longer.

Mommy's Idea

I'm on Google + but not sure how I feel about it just yet.  I do like the auto load of pics from my phone to a Google album.  I already use Photobucket to do the same thing but it's good to have a back up plan in place.  Other than that, I haven't fallen head over heels with Google + because I don't feel like I'm getting something different than I get elsewhere.  I also haven't put tons of time into it.  I'm not giving up- just not 100% sold.

Like so many other places in the country... it's friggin' hot outside.  I'm very proud of and thankful for my husband- he had a guy come out and take care of our AC on Monday and our system is running better than ever (if you need a recommendation for a heating/cooling guy in the Indianapolis area, let me know- I will definitely reccomend this guy!!).  Basically, the furnace was in massive need of this clean out and the stuff the guy got out was pretty gross from what Jeff tells me.  Our AC has always struggled.  We keep it set at 72 but we're in a bi-level and we don't have shade trees around our house at all so we get direct sun.  On really hot and sunny days, the AC will run non-stop and the temp in the house will stay around 80.  It's not horrible and it's better than not having AC.  But walking into the house at the end of the day and the temp is 74 is a much appreciated improvement.

Sometimes, my mood depends too much on other people.  It's like I'm a sponge and suck up bad attitudes or illnesses or whatever else brings down positive energy to negative levels. 

In an effort to boost my motivation and commitment to staying active and making healthy food choices, I started a group of friends on Facebook called "Start It Up!"  We share weekly goals and also check in whenever we want to share about our workout that day, our plan for the day, our struggles.  It's been really awesome to have this group and share ideas and motivation and support.  If you want to join and we are already friends on Facebook, let me know! 

FUNDRAISING UPDATE! I'm more focused on fundraising than on training for my half-marathon. In some ways, that's good. Part of me is starting to feel like... once I get to my minimum required fundraising, I can really focus on training for the run. I've got cash and checks to deposit into my fundraising bank that should be around $200. I've got around $50 that should be deposited from a fundraiser I was part of this past weekend. That brings me close to $900 raised. Christy and I are going to be asking for donations outside of Sam's Club (on 96th St in Fishers- stop by and bring us cold drinks and yummy snacks and money!) all day this coming Sunday. We're also having a fundraiser at TGI Friday's on TUESDAY JULY 26. Come for lunch, dinner, snacks- 10% will be donated if you present the flyer (contact me for info). There's a chance that these 2 fundraisers can get me to my minimum. BUT HAVING A FEW MORE DONATIONS WOULD HELP ME EVEN MORE! No pressure or anything...

Another very busy weekend is ahead of us. There will be fun but the schedule is cram packed. I desperately need to find a way to get a break. Tonight, Jeff is going to see Captain America with some of his friends. He'll get home just after the kids go to bed and I will take off for a fun night out at a bloggy friend's house. Tomorrow morning, I really really really should get my booty moving in the morning to go run with Team In Training at 7:00. Then home, shower, and head to the Farmer's Market (we didn't go last weekend so we MUST go this weekend). Off to shop for school supplies for Teagan! I think she's going to implode if we don't start shopping! Saturday afternoon, I will be working in the kitchen at church- we are hosting Dan's Fish Fry as a fundraiser for our mission team going to Guatemala this fall. I'm going to spend 3 hours doing prep work- breading fish and chicken. I'm signed up with some people I really like in our congregation so I'm excited to spend time with them. Saturday evening- we will eat at the Fish Fry. Saturday night, I've been invited to a Girls' Night Out downtown. Sunday, I'll be outside Sam's Club for 8 hours, raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Jeff will bring us lunch and the kids will hang out with us for some of that time). Sunday night, we podcast. And I wonder why I'm teetering on the edge...



Bill Lisleman said...

Thank goodness we got our A/C going again. It needed a recharge and is in it last years. Mid 70's is fine for us but we have many fans. Fans really help and they don't use as much power as AC. I got an inexpensive little one to set on the floor vent upstairs. It pulls the cold air up.
Be careful running in the heat.

Claudya Martinez said...

My mood is like a sponge too and I really don't like it. I have to focus on not absorbing negativity.

Alison said...

um..."sometimes?" Gawrsh, I feel like I'm always about to drop it all. :)

Well, if you want a break, guess you'll have to say no to a volunteer opportunity at some point. 'Cause there's no way you're gonna get out of shopping with Teagan. could simply freak out at work until they suggest you just go ahead and take a mental health day...or two. ;)

mub said...

I think it's amazingly hard to not suck up other people's negativity. I try to stay away from it because I'm the same but that's not always practical!

I'm glad you got your A/C fixed. Our high today is only supposed to be something ridiculous like 62 F so no A/C needed here right now... haha!

Call Me Cate said...

I've had to cut a few people from my life because I found their energy constantly brought me down. It's also made me more aware of how my moods may influence others so I try to keep it in check.

When I feel as busy as you sound, I like to list out exactly what's going on, much like you have. Looking at your list, I see a full life of things you've chosen to participate in. That's what I often find as well when I'm feeling overwhelmed so I remind myself that they are all things I wanted to do and try to feel grateful as I'm dashing between appointments because they aren't horrible unavoidable things. Still, maybe try to schedule a block of quiet time - a bubble bath, an hour with a book, a quiet walk.

Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

I'm feeling rather spongy lately too.

It doesn't help that I keep seeing the most far from compassionate FB posts EVER.

People happy that an addict dies? Someone telling a dirty guy who asked for change to "get a job, I don't give away my money" even though it's 100+* outside,he's on a bicycle, and folks w/college degrees are having a tough time?

Just bothering me. A lot.

Needless to say...I've made good use of the "mute" button lately. Guess some people really don't change from HS. Unfortunately.

I've got to stop being so spongy! It's a serious downer.

Garret said...

Who cares about it all, I just like that you said "friggin'".

Leontien said...

He fellow sponge! I know what you feel!

Hope your bucket/tray whatever you want to call it a bit lighter/ less full of water!


Karen M. Peterson said...

Great news about your AC!

Great news about the fundraising, too. Good luck with your continued efforts!

Reading about your weekend made ME tired. I hope you survived it.