Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summertime TV

Summertime is typically a down season for TV shows.  You get the cable series that come back over the summer but if you don't have that cable channel, you have to wait.  You get some reality shows that pop up but that's not everyone's cup of tea.

Here are some things I've enjoyed this summer:

Amish on Break  I just happened to flip past this documentary recently and was fascinated.  Recorded it so I could watch it all.  When I first went to Pennsylvania to meet my dad's family, I learned about the Amish people there.  Visiting Amish country was a big deal to me- I was fascinated by the simplicity of their lives and very attracted to the lack of violence or struggle.  Watching this documentary was really interesting since it was such a rare treat to be exposed to the Amish view of the world.  This isn't some "Amish gone wild on Rumspringa" show.  This is a well done documentary that really shows a unique perspective.

Big Brother  I've watched every season.  I'm probably a little embarassed about that.  I liked the first season best- but I understand that the show being more competitive makes for better ratings.  But there is something fun about loving Jeff and Jordan and hating Brendan and Rachel.

Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen   One thing I like about these shows is that I can just catch them here and there or just watch a few minutes for entertainment and then just move on. 

The Glee Project  I am soooo hooked on this show.  Ryan Murphy is a genious.  He has a hit show during the regular season and found a way to continue to feed the Glee junkies over the summer.  It's a reality show with very talented and unique kids trying to win a role on Glee.  It's every theatre kids' biggest dream come true!

I've also recenlty discovered the joy of Hub.  Hub shows all the stuff I loved as a kid.  My kids started watching Thundercats this weekend on Hub.  Last night, I took great comfort watching Family Ties.  They show other greats like Jem and the Holograms, Fraggle Rock, Transformers, Wonder Years, Doogie Howser, Happy Days, and more.  I love it and hope the schedule grows to include some of my other favorite shows from the Good Old Days.

I'm eager to start watching True Blood but am saving it up.  I like watching it all at once.  I'm also watching some stuff online like Degrassi. 

How about you? What are you watching this summer?



C. Beth said...

We watch Master Chef & Hell's Kitchen too. I definitely prefer Master Chef!

Julee said...

Hi Liz,
I found you through little Indiana, been meaning to sign my Indiana blog up over there, too. My guilty pleasure summer TV is the stupid bachelorette! It's like a bad accident ;-)
Nice to meet ya.
Julee from
STORIES Photography and

Alison said...

Um...mostly, I watch Rosie shed on the back of the couch. Sometimes I watch Miss Chef grade at the kitchen table. :)

mimbles said...

True Blood and Torchwood via downloads and Time Team, Wonders of the Universe, and QI on the ABC (the Aussie public broadcaster), that's about it really. Only it's winter TV for me :-)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I haven't watched a single one of those. But I did just recently discover Hub at my mom's house. We don't have it on ours at my place, but I was THRILLED last week to reconnect with Doogie Howser!

This summer I've been watching my favorite TNT shows: The Closer, Leverage, and Falling Skies.

Rebecca said...

I just watched Same Name and that show is nice. I loved what I saw. I wonder if there is a same name me? I would LOVE to trade places for a few days. (There IS a same name me with my maiden name and I would totally LOVE to trade places with her. She's some British model or something.

Liz Mays said...

I swear I roll my eyes at Rachel every single time she speaks!

Don't you kinda think the whole Evil Dick exit was planned beforehand?

Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

Good morning!

Actually, the Amish still have violence and abuse but they keep it to themselves. They don't have it quite like we have it but it's still there.

It's kept very hush/hush in the community--or so I've heard.

What's funny is that the insides of the buggy are treated much like the way an "English" man treats his car. That was definitely a surprising fact I learned during my time on a personal "little Indiana" tour.

Fascinating culture. Hoping to make it out to Amish Country again before Winter hits to learn more!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

My family has gotten into Burn Notice...hubby and the kids will all gather around to watch it together. I'm happy that The Closer started up again~

Thanks for popping over to my blog today :)

Lori D said...

Out of those shows I LOVE the Glee Project too! To see real young adults truly giving their all to succeed really inspires me! And the voices on these kids...Oh MY!!!

Amy said...

Amish on Break? I SO have to see this show. We just visited Nappanee, IN last weekend. It re-ignited my childhood interest in all things Amish.

And Hub? Oh yes. Wish they would start playing Facts of Life.