Friday, July 8, 2011

I Was Angry

For 4 days, I've been angry.

I've been angry with the defense attorneys.  I've been angry with Cindy Anthony.  I've been angry with Casey Anthony.  I've been angry with the jurors.

My anger is still there.

But a realization hit me.  My anger is really deep sadness.

Sadness for the way this little girl's life was reduced to nothingness and no one wants to honor her few short years by telling the truth.  No one wants to set her life at peace by respecting the years of life she had.

I could write a huge rant detailing all the things I don't understand or the things I abhor about what I've seen and heard.  But it won't bring Caylee back. 

I never knew this little girl.

But my son is close to the age she was when she died.  And my daughter is close to the age she would be now if she had lived.  That makes it all hit kind of close to my heart.

However her life ended, the way her body was treated, the way this case has played out, the way this family has been torn apart is not a way that honors her life.

I get angry so that I don't cry.  I get angry so that I don't mourn deeply one of the big things wrong with this world. 

My faith is what brings me peace.  I know that Caylee is in a happy and beautiful place and she is loved and cared for and safe. 

I'm a good mom.  I'm a great mom.  And I'm going to keep on making sure my kids have as much of a happy and beautiful place on earth as possible where they feel loved and cared for and safe.  I wish the same had been Caylee's fate.  But perhaps the tragedy of her life will result in another mom somewhere asking for help when she's about to crack.  Maybe another mom somewhere will realize she's disconnected from her kids and will recommit to her family.  Maybe another young woman will choose to be more responsible about her sexual choices because she realizes she's not ready to risk becoming a mother.

Perhaps there is a silver lining.



Amanda said...

You're right to be upset about the evil commited, in fact God commands us to hate evil. But I've found great comfort in reminding myself that even though what happened to her here is beyond words, her soul IS at rest and in the best place with the best King of that place, Our Lord Jesus and the kingdom belongs to her and is hers.

Mrs4444 said...

We can only hope...

Amy said...

I have not followed this story minute by minute. I'm aware of the general story and the outcome. I feel sad for that little girl. But I don't feel personally affected by it. Regardless, I do hope that you're right, that there is a silver lining to all of this mess.

Alison said...

You know, I have a very isolationist approach to these "celebrity" trials. All the way back to OJ Simpson's trial, my feeling has been, "I wasn't there; I don't have all the evidence, and it's none of my business. Regardless of who's guilty and what they did, this was a horrible event that has torn these peoples' lives apart, and they don't need me poking my nose in their business, pointing fingers and casting judgement with only partial knowledge."

So I've completely ignored these things. If it weren't for tv (and now the internet), I wouldn't know about them anyway, and would my life (or the victims' lives) be any worse off for it?

Joanie said...

At this point, all we can hope for is that she will get hers in the end.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I got really frustrated the other day when someone tried to compare this case to the OJ Simpson case and commented that OJ still ended up in prison in the end.

Yeah, the problem, of course, is that there were relatives that never stopped making OJ pay for what he did.

Who's going to push for that kind of justice for Caylee? From what I've seen so far, it seems the only people interested in finding justice for that girl are people who have never even met a single member of that family. And that's the part that I find the saddest.