Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fragments: Pinterest, Birthdays, My Bag!

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It's been yet another crazy week.  I'm trying to find ways to prune.  Back when I went to the Women of Faith conference, one of the speakers talked about pruning.  Sometimes, you have too many good things going on and if you don't prune some of the good, you will never be able to be great.  So I am cutting back where I can so I can focus on the things that need to be great.
You know you're a mom when you find all kinds of random things in your bag or purse.  I was trying to find something in my bag at work yesterday and ended up pulling out piles of stuff.  The randomness of it totally cracked me up.  Fitness mag, Bible, notebook, allergy meds, random paper craft, band aids, coupons, dinosaur, hair things, kids' magazine subscription pull out cards, letters Teagan has written, eyeglass cleaning cloth.  Yep- total mom bag.
Zach's birthday is this weekend. I can't believe he's about to be 4 years old! We have a fun weekend planned and I'm looking forward to celebrating my little boy! - Do you pin?   I have looked at it before.  I have many friends who pin and post their pins on Facebook.  But then my mom got hooked and has sent me a few ideas that could really be great for my family.  So a friend sent me an invite and I've been perusing and pinning all kinds of great ideas!  I'm finding recipes and crafts and even just easy organizing tips (like using one of those magazine holders for a bookshelf as a place to store aluminum foil, saran wrap, etc in the kitchen).
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I just had to come add another fragment because I just discovered today's YouTube Spotlight and I'm hooked!  Check out Minute Physics and you will come to understand Schrodinger's Cat, why pink doesn't exist, and all about dimensions.  I'm hoping there's one on the theory of time travel.

I hope you have a great weekend!  I am looking forward to some time with friends tonight and all the celebrations planned for Zach's birthday.



Call Me Cate said...

I was enjoying this post until I saw the video. And now I think I have to say I did NOT enjoy this post just because I'm fairly certain (or AM I?) that I'm about to go on a wild ride of watching awesome videos.

So, thank you?

And happy early birthday to your little guy!

Alison said...

The dinosaur is my favorite.

Nej said...

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? The episode last week mentioned Schrodinger's Cat. Funny!

Hootin' Anni said...

I like that....if you don't prune some of the good, you'll never be great. I MUST remember that.

My Friday Fragments. Won't you stop by if you have a chance?

Katherine said...

I actually really enjoy Pinterest. I'm going to have to check out those videos; how fun!

Unknown said...

i looked at PInterest for the first time today after reading your post. Interesting. I noticed FB friends who had avid interest in that site, but now I see some of the allure.

Mrs4444 said...

Your Pinterest page is fun, and I loved seeing your smiling face. However, I am going to table that one for a while--too much on my plate, too!

The video? You are such a silly geek. I love that about you.