Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fit City: Calendars

Come hang out with me at FitCity today!  


I have a friend who is very motivated by having a fitness calendar.  Having a set plan of what activity needs to be done that day gives her a plan and also a sense of satisfaction at having completed the workout.  She has given me some great resources for calendars to help with a walking plan, fitness plan, and more. 

Calendars have helped me on parts of my fitness journey.  Couch to 5K required following something of a calendar.  Training for a half marathon did as well. 

My schedule is busy and having a calendar should help me get my workouts in- at least a minimum amount of activty, right?

I’m going to try it.  I’m going to create a calendar with a workout goal for each day.  I’ve learned that I have to allow flexibility in my schedule or else I end up “punishing” myself if I don’t get that workout done- and I usually punish by pigging out.  Not a good plan.

But I do have some motivation.  I have some things on my calendar that are keeping me eager to move more and maintain and improve my fitness level.

Dirty Girl Mud Run - A 5K obstacle course that includes mud and water and climbing.  It’s not a timed event so the speed isn’t important- but having the strength and endurance to finish the event is what matters. Plus, I haven’t played in the mud since I was a little kid so I’m looking forward to getting dirty!  May 12, Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville

Girlfriend Ride – There are 3 different distances. My plan is to complete the 50K ride and I am very excited to be riding with a team this year!  Last year, it was me and 2 friends.  This year, it’s me and about 20 friends so far!  We are of varying fitness levels and won’t all do the same distance but I’m so excited to go on this ride for my second year and have so many others joining in!  June 16, Columbus, IN

Fishers Freedom Festival 5K – This was my first ever 5K jsut 3 years ago.  It runs in my neighborhood so I have never had a good excuse to not participate (but I sure did complain it blocking up the streets).  June 23, Holland Park, Fishers

What motivates you?  What’s on your calendar?  Have you set time to be active today?  Do you have a fitness goal on your calendar for this week or month?  Do you have an event that you are looking forward to completing?