Saturday, April 7, 2012


It took about a day to really get used to the family being all together again.

We're back to normal now but I'm hopeful that Jeff and I will hold on to something really important that we've learned.

We are in this together.

When I get frustrated with the kids, he can step in.  If he's getting frustrated, I can step in.  And at the end of a frustrating day, we can find peace and comfort and laughter in each other.

I used to think that my babies were my priority and I was appalled at anyone who said otherwise.  I firmly believed that my husband was an adult and could take care of himself and my children needed ME to take care of them above all else.

Then I did the Love Dare for a few weeks and got a great take away from it.  It's what started this idea that the kids always being first is not what is actually best.  Having a week with the kids gone and time for Jeff and I to just enjoy each other's company, do what we wanted to do, and not have any kind of kid stress hanging over us was a nice reminder of putting each other as a top priority.

We are transitioning back to being a family of 4.  But there is a renewed focus on the relationship between Jeff and I and how we can best be partners in parenting our children, how we can be partners in leading the family.  I think we're all worth it.


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Amy said...

Great picture. Even better lesson.