Thursday, April 19, 2012


I am heading off to a retreat (Walk to Emmaus) and will be completely offline and disconnected from Thursday evening until Sunday evening.

It's kinda scary.

Being without my phone, my computer?  I can handle that.

Being away from my husband? My kids?  I can handle that.  The hard part is that there is no contact between me and them.  I can't send a text message, make a phone call.  I can't ask about their day or send a picture or say goodnight and I love you.

I'm taking time today to record me reading some favorite good night books.  They will be stored on my computer so Jeff can access them.

I know it sounds odd to be attending something that requires me to completely disconnect from my life.  But as I understand it, that's kind of the point, too.  Disconnect from my life so I can fully connect to my relationship with God.

I have 2 sponsors- friends from my church that have attended this event before.  They are here to take care of anything that might hold me back from being fully focused on my experience.  I take great comfort in that.

Here on the blog- there will be nothing.

Contact with my kids and husband? Nothing.

Status update on Facebook? Nope. Nothing.

Tweets? Emails?  Nothing.

Running errands?  Gardening?  Housework?  Sushi?  Calling Christy?  Nothing.

And yet, somehow... the coming days hold everything.



Alison said...

You know what? I'm kinda jealous. :)

C. Beth said...

I have heard WONDERFUL things about Walk to Emmaus! Enjoy!!

Amy said...

I hope this comment finds you rested and renewed.