Friday, August 16, 2013

It Happens Every Year

Every year, the Indiana State Fair comes to an end.

It's that time of year.

It's the final weekend.

And I can't make it work to go again.  Between school, work, and some church commitments, and errands that have to get done for school... there just isn't time for one last trip to the Fair.  I've had 4 great trips to the Fair so you'd think I'd have gotten my fill.

I had a half day with just ME.  I was a guest of Indiana Family of Farmers and got to enjoy the Get Animated exhibit, the DuPont Food Pavilion, the Ag/Hort Building, a ride on the tractor shuttle, corn on the cob, and a few other things all by myself.

I had a half day date afternoon with my husband.  We saw the Get Animated exhibit, watch my blog friend, 4th Frog, talk about her cooking disasters on the Red Gold Culinary Corner kitchen stage, saw the giant ball of popcorn, rode the train.

Had a day with just my kids.  We rode the train down first thing in the morning and stayed until mid-afternoon (then hit the pool for an hour and then off to the ice cream social at school).  We rode some rides, did Little Hands on the Farm, ate corn dogs, saw Get Animated and the giant ball of popcorn, learned a lot about bees and sampled honey and smoothies.

Had a day with my kids and 2 of my friends.  Did almost everything.  Seriously.  Ate red velvet funnel cake, saw the Sinbad High Dive show, saw the Rosstyn Ice show, visited with goats, butterflies, and fish at the DNR building, Teagan shot a BB gun at the DNR building, rode the ferris wheel, collected an enormous amount of pamphlets, stickers, and temporary tattoos, visited the Glass Barn, played on a playset in the FFA Building, sampled goodies at Taste of Indiana Farms, and so much more.


I didn't make it to any animal barns.

I never went in the Home & Family Arts Building.

I didn't visit Hook's Drugstore.

I didn't see enough of the FFA Building.

I didn't eat a gyro.

I didn't drink enough lemon shake ups.  And never got a lime shake up.

I didn't go through the barn at Pioneer Village.

I didn't see anyone clogging on the Dance for Health stage.

I never went into the Grandstand for any of those events.

I missed every show at any of the stages.

I didn't set foot in the greenhouse or Normandy Barn.

See? How can I not go and do one last trip?  I need at least 2 more days to do it all!!

And I have to wait an entire full YEAR before my beloved State Fair comes back!


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Karen M. Peterson said...

I hope you had a great time on your last trip to the fair and that you got to do everything on your list!