Thursday, August 8, 2013

We Love @Avocado

Have you heard of Avocado?  I happened upon it by accident, I think.  Might have read about it in an article or something - I really don't recall.

Avocado is an app for your phone so that you can stay connected to your special someone when you're apart.  Or just because.

Here's what I like about it.

First of all, it's adorable.

Now the way the app works - it's basically like having a news feed but it's only for 2 people.  And no one else has access.

During the day, if I find myself thinking of my honey, I could send a text...  "How is your day?"  But he might think I'm trying to hint at something else.  He might be busy at that moment and my text is an interruption.

But if I send a virtual hug... he just knows that I was thinking about him and am sending him some affection.

 I can even send him kisses!

We also can share a calendar - we use Google for our family calendar.  But having a little personal calendar where we can schedule dates or whatever is nice.  There's also a place to keep lists and also load pictures.  And our shared profile lets us keep track of our anniversary and our birthdays.  Never forget a date!

So if you're looking for a fun way to stay connected to your sweetie... check out Avocado!

(Avocado doesn't know me and has nothing to do with this post - I just really, really like this app!)



Karen M. Peterson said...

There are SO many cool apps out there.

Garret said...

I'm liking Evernote the works on the PC and the phone and then syncs. It's a good way to store/organize info on your phone like med lists, sizes of stuff you need to know while shopping, etc.