Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Go Stand In The Corner!

If I wasn't already convinced, I am now absolutely certain that my kids are weird.

We were driving home the other evening and Teagan pipes up with, "At our friend's house, they send their daughter to the corner when she's in trouble."

Zach: "Yeah! At my friend's house, there is a time out chair! We should have a time out corner!"

Now, when my kids get in trouble, it's not usually for doing a specific bad thing.  It's not usually for coloring on a wall or breaking Mommy's favorite mug.  It's usually attitude related.  Bad attitude?  Go to your room and I will come talk to you shortly.

I tried to explain that being sent to your room is very similar to standing in a corner or sitting in a time our spot.

And then the weirdness happened.

"I want to be sent to stand in the corner!"

"Yeah, me too!!"

OK... and how long, exactly should you stand there?

They actually negotiated with each other from 1 minute up to 8 minutes and back down to 5 minutes.

The next morning, they practiced.

And that evening?  Yep, an opportunity came up to stand in the corner.  And the guilty child did get quiet and stand for 5 minutes.  But the attitude was back almost instantly.

Because standing in the corner doesn't actually resolve the issue underneath the attitude.

But if my kids want to stand in the corner, who am I to stop them?

I think even Johnny would have had a different perspective if Baby had put herself in the corner, right?



Garret said...

Oh my that is strange!

Liz's Mom said...

The first day you went to day care you came home and immediately went and stood in the corner. You had seen so many children go and stand in the corner that you had to try it out yourself at home!!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Your kids are too funny!