Monday, December 23, 2013

Open Invitation!!

I want to hear from YOU!  Back in June, I scheduled a bunch of guest posts.  Some were from other bloggers, some were just people who had a story to share.  And the response was very positive.

The reason I blog is just to share.  It's a place to work through my questions and thoughts and to journal some of the highlights of our family.

So being able to take this platform and share it with others... I really like that.

I find I end up inspired by you guys, the readers, becoming the sharers.

So if you've got a story to share, an opinion to shout, a how-to to promote... I'd love to provide the stage!

You can email me using the form to the right or contact me by any of the methods you might be connected to me by.  I'm looking forward to hearing from YOU!


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