Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Year In Review

One of my favorite annual traditions is looking back at the moments and thoughts and events of the year that I shared on my blog.




And now it's time for 2013 to come to an end.  Reviewing the posts, I wrote a lot less than in previous years.

I made the difficult but necessary decision to prune things in my life - even some of the good things.  I started to fight back against depression.  I issued an invitation for people to get all up in my business.  I did the Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox.  Teagan had her first cheerleading performance.

I wrote about passion and joy.  Jeff and Teagan went to a Father-Daughter Dance and it was really important - to me (and them).  I vented about the Lent fad.

Teagan lost her first tooth!  I had a big experience with the Holy Spirit at church.  I reflected on singing - and also on silence.  I sahred my thoughts on being a Christian who supports equality.

I was doing better with my mental and physical health - and big changes at work helped with that.  We visited some local fun places to visit - like Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve and Conner Prairie.  We dealt with the sometimes hard truth that not everyone is compatible as a friend.  I shared about experiencing the Walk to Emmaus.  I started planning some time away to recuperate - with girlfriends and also with family.

We started "training" for our upcoming vacation to Disney World.  We had to refocus our parenting efforts.  I celebrated my A-Day.  The kids and I read Harry Potter.  We made another visit to Ritchey Woods to see how nature was changing.  I shared about my God designed family at church.  And we enjoyed opening day at our local Farmers Market.

June was a big month because it was the month of our big vacation to Disney!  While we were away, I had some awesome guest bloggers who shared a variety of experiences.  This is a month where you just have to go back and read all of it!

I think I was in vacation mourning mode because I didn't post much.  So here's July in review.

I started to worry a bit about my upcoming 20 year high school reunion.  We visited the Indiana State Fair.  The kids started school - Zach in Kindergarten, Teagan in 3rd grade. I turned 39. Years. Old.

Tragedy struck a family in my blogging community.  Teagan had a strange discipline request.  We had our first real Santa talk.  I had to face some neediness in myself.  I celebrated 5 years of blogging.

I went to my high school reunion.  We dealt with parenting.  But this time, I had a new perspective on bullying.  I asked moms to just STOP it already.  We had a weekend getaway for Fall Break where I faced disappointment but also had a reality check.  It takes a village and I am part of that village.

I made it clear that the turkey comes first in the holiday season.  I had a big realization about my eating habits and also about my relationship with God.  I came to realize that I healed a lot in the past 10 months - from facing depression to being able to feel that important holiday spirit.  We all shared important acts of kindness.

I found my holiday spirit.  The kids and I enjoyed a fun day at the Indiana State Museum.  I shared about one of my main values - doing all the good I can.  We were ready for Christmas - and our church Christmas program.  I gave Teagan an important Christmas present (my sanity).  And I had an experience where I wasn't sure I could invite someone to church.


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