Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wisdom Teeth

I am having my wisdom teeth removed today.  All 4 of them.

Prayers are appreciated.

Dentists and I aren't big friends.  I've had a lot of dental anxiety over the past 20 + years.  So the idea of going in to have surgery done on my mouth is pretty scary.

One thing that definitely helps is that a friend of mine is the assistant.  So she was there for my consultation and that alone makes me feel better.

And she told me it's ok to bring my teddy bear.  Which I actually will.

Jeff will be taking care of me.  He always does a great job taking care of me in these situations.  He will take me to my appointment, be the person who waits on me, bring me home, and stay close as I rest.  I'm hoping he won't have the video camera out when I'm all doped up!  I have no intention of being the next YouTube sensation.

I've made up a medication schedule so that Jeff will be fully prepared to medicate me over the next few days.

I'm getting suggestions to be ready to live on melted ice cream, jello, soda, juice, and pudding.

One of the teeth is causing pain which is why this is happening very fast.  And I think the pain will be relieved after the surgery - replaced by the pain of healing!

So if you can spare a few good thoughts and prayers for me over the next few days, I'll take it.  Hopefully there won't be any loopy blog posts going up in the next couple of days!!  But if I seem to say something totally out of character, we will blame it on the pain meds, ok?

Feel free to share your stories of wisdom teeth removal and your best advice for recovery.  Jeff will share your comments with me and your well wishes.



Katherine said...

Good luck! Both my husband and I had ours out within a few months of each other. Just don't plan anything so you have lots of time to sleep and rest.

Garret said...

I know I'm late and you're almost pain free already! ;-)

Unknown said...

It's been a while now, so how was the extraction? I hope you've recovered well. If it still hurts, you can gargle using mouthwash with saltwater. Also, sleep with your head elevated by two or more pillows to prevent swelling. Best wishes!

Clinton Zelman @

Unknown said...

How are you now, Liz? Having all four of them taken out at the same time might be a bit too much for some people. I hope you're coping up well post the procedure. Your decision of having your wisdom teeth extracted is the right one since, if left unchecked, an impacted wisdom tooth could cause damage to its neighboring teeth.

Marta Stokes @ Nisha Nhalim DMD

Unknown said...

What Marta mentioned is absolutely true, Liz. Impacted teeth may require extensive surgery because of their complex positioning. It hurts a lot pre and post operation. Still, make sure you frequent the dentist for cleaning and other concerns regarding your teeth. Take care!

Calandra Novak